OKTAM Training Programs Continue
31 July 2022, Sunday - 22:56
Updated: 31 July 2022, Sunday - 22:56
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A training program was carried out in cooperation with Ondokuz Mayıs University Women and Society Application and Research Center (OKTAM) and Samsun Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies.

The following training courses were given to the professionals working in Samsun Women's Guesthouse within the scope of the training program organized by OKTAM: "Peer Supervision and Case Management" training by Assistant Professor Elif Ünal, who is a member of Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology and the Head of Clinical Psychology Department, and "Secondary Trauma-Burnout and Protection" training by Instructor Uğur Kaçmaz who is a member of the OMU Psychology Application and Research Center.

Within the scope of the training held in the Application and Research Centers Coordination Meeting Hall, Ünal gave information about the evaluation, case formulation, termination and guidance that should be considered during the case follow-up of the clients who applied to the institution. Then, she presented information on the points to be considered in supervising the cases with in-house peers and how this process can be carried out.

Kaçmaz, on the other hand, mentioned in his training on trauma that trauma has a multidimensional structure and one of the ways to evaluate what trauma is, how it works and its effects on the individual is through 'secondary trauma' studies. Underlining that in secondary trauma, the actor of the traumatic event changes/increases, and the traumatic effect continues beyond the individual directly exposed to the event, the traumatic situation experienced by individuals who witnessed or indirectly learned about the event. Kaçmaz stated that today's data sources, especially social media, tell us about the trauma that is 'not on our agenda'. He said that he could present his content in an intense and uncontrolled way, and this situation creates the risk of being indirectly affected and experiencing traumatic effects.

After the training, which ended with the answers to the participants' questions, certificates of appreciation were presented to Ünal and Kaçmaz by OKTAM Deputy Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilek Güvenç.

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