Great Success of OMU and Amasya University Academicians
03 September 2021, Friday - 17:38
Updated: 03 September 2021, Friday - 17:38
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Academic member of OMU Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences Assoc. Prof. Nursel Topkaya and the academic member of Amasya University Sabuncuoğlu Serefeddin Health Services Vocational School, Department of Child and Youth Services Asst. Prof. Ertuğrul Şahin's study titled ''Adaptation of the Devaluation-Discrimination Scale into Turkish: A Comprehensive Psychometric Analysis'' was published in Assessment, the world-renowned journal of the American Psychological Association, Society for Clinical Psychology, one of the most respected professional organizations in the world.

The article contains important “firsts” in Turkey and in the World

Assoc. Prof. Nursel Topkaya said, “In this study, we introduced the Devaluation-Discrimination Scale (DDS), which is one of the most frequently used measurement tools in the world, to the Turkish psychology literature with a very comprehensive study that lasted for nearly two years. Recent researches show that the incidence of mental disorders tends to increase in societies. According to the data published by the Turkish Statistical Institute in 2020, one of the most common health problems/diseases experienced by individuals in the last 12 months is depression (7.2% in 2016; 9.0% in 2019). For this reason, it is important to measure the perceptions of individuals in Turkey towards people with mental disorders. With this study, we not only brought a scale that is frequently used in the world to the Turkish psychology literature, but also the first article published by only Turkish researchers in the history of the Republic of Turkey and in the history of the journal since 1994. 

The first author of the article Asst. Prof. Ertuğrul Şahin stated, “In psychological counseling, guidance and psychology research, self-report scales (based on self-evaluation of the person) are frequently used in the evaluation of individuals' attitudes, personality traits, and symptoms of psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and stress. In this regard, the use of valid and reliable self-report scales in psychological counseling, guidance and psychology research has a critical role in obtaining accurate results. Although this scale is frequently used in different societies, cultures and samples, as a result of our comprehensive literature review, we realized that the validity and reliability data of the original scale in individuals without mental disorders, other than clinical populations, were not at a sufficient level, so we decided to conduct this research.”

The article supports open science reproducible research policies supported by the Council of Higher Education and the world's leading academic publishers and universities.

Asst. Prof. Ertuğrul Şahin also said, “ Our article also supports open science practices that facilitate free access to research outputs (scientific publications and data). For example, researchers who want to check the accuracy of the research results and the operations we perform can access all the data that is used in the research through Open Science Framework.” Şahin expressed his thanks to Assoc. Prof. Nursel Topkaya, Asst. Prof. Alpay Aksin, academic member of Amasya University Faculty of Education, Prof. Dr. Lesa Hoffman from Iowa University, Department of Educational Measurement and Statistics, Rector of Amasya University Prof. Dr. Süleyman Elmacı and Rector of Ondokuz Mayıs University Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal.

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