Rector Ünal Addresses the Turkic World at a Unifying Conference in Uzbekistan
20 March 2024, Wednesday - 01:16
Updated: 27 March 2024, Wednesday - 01:16
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Professor Dr. Yavuz Ünal, Rector of Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU), participated as an invited speaker at an international conference organized by the Urganch State Pedagogical Institute in Urgench, Uzbekistan. Professor Dr. Mustafa Said Kurşunoğlu, Head of the OMU International Relations Unit, accompanied Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal during the program.

15 universities across the Turkish world

Representatives from 15 universities across the Turkish world attended the conference titled "Current Issues in Strengthening the National Mentality of the Turkic Peoples". Rector Ünal made significant remarks, emphasizing the key role of education in building the future of the Turkish nation and liberating from imperialist hegemony.

Rector Ünal: "The genocide in Gaza has brought to light the need for Turkish unity"

Rector Ünal highlighted the importance of an education system that is inspired by the existential codes of our people, which have become historical, and meets research and development (R&D) studies with technological innovation, considering the common values of the Turkish world. He pointed out that standing with the oppressed is one of the fundamental existential codes of the Turkish nation, stating that the genocide experienced in Gaza has highlighted the need for Turkish unity.

"Nevruz contributes to the development of unity in the Turkish world"

Celebrating Nevruz, the symbol of nature's revival and the harbinger of spring, Rector Ünal expressed his satisfaction with Nevruz's role in fostering the unity of the Turkish world, saying, "We wish that Nevruz Bayramı, which has been ongoing for centuries and traces unity, brotherhood, solidarity, and shared destiny in the Turkish world, brings peace, prosperity, and happiness to all friendly and brotherly countries and to our heartland."

Rector Ünal mentioned that such meetings with high participation from the Turkish world will concrete the projects developed on a common mentality basis among Turkish peoples.

Baxriddimovna: "We combined modern education with national culture, art, and skills"

Participating in the conference as the Acting Head of Women and Family Affairs of Uzbekistan, Maxkamova Zulayha Baxriddimovna shared that through pedagogical institutes, they developed an educational process that fundamentally restructures the solution to social issues such as the individual, family, and women by combining modern education with national culture, art, and skills.

Nigora Masharipovna Kutlimuratova, the Deputy of Women and Family Affairs of the Khorezm Region of Uzbekistan, also provided information about the investments made by Uzbekistan in women and family through pedagogical institutes.

Rector Ünal Participated in the Nevruz Celebrations

Following the conference event, participants moved to the Nevruz celebrations, where they visited regional exhibitions and booths prepared specifically for Nevruz by celebration teams from pedagogical institutes across different provinces of Uzbekistan.

During the Nevruz event, Rector Ünal and Acting Head Baxriddimovba participated in the making of the traditional Sümelek dish, expressing their wishes for the strengthening cooperation and solidarity among Turkish peoples to achieve its goals.

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