OMU Celebrates Turkish-Afghan Unity with Cultural Exchange and Solidarity
01 March 2024, Friday - 17:36
Updated: 07 March 2024, Thursday - 11:47
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The 103rd anniversary of the Turkish-Afghan Friendship Day and the Türkiye-Afghanistan Alliance Treaty was celebrated with a high turnout at the 'Afghanistan Culture Meeting' organized by the International Student Community of Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU).

The event, held at the OMU Atatürk Congress and Culture Center (AKM), was attended by Ali Erbaş, the President of Religious Affairs; Orhan Tavlı, the Governor of Samsun; Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal, the Rector of OMU; Amir Mohammad Ramin, the Ambassador of Afghanistan; Kadir Dinç, the Deputy President of Religious Affairs; Prof. Dr. Selim Eren, the Vice Rector of OMU; Seyfullah Çakır, the Mufti of Samsun; Feyzullah Dereci, the Director of Youth and Sports; Prof. Dr. Mustafa Said Kurşunoğlu, the Head of OMU International Office; academics, and numerous students.

The program, which featured various activities reflecting the cultures of international students, offered Afghan cuisine and included a national dance performance by students in traditional outfits, attracting the attention of the participants.

Rector Ünal: "You Must Return and Lead Your Country by Implementing Global Developments"

In his opening speech, Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal expressed that they see Afghan students not only as students but also as ambassadors who will build bridges between the Turkish and Afghan peoples. He stated, "During your time here, we want you to graduate not just with a diploma but by bringing together various skills suitable for the needs of our world and possessing different competencies. Those who sent you here see you as talents for your country and nation, and they will need these skills you possess. It is imperative that you return and represent your country internationally and lead by implementing the developments around the world in your country."

"We Reviewed Education Holistically, Leading to Our University's Current Position"

Prof. Dr. Ünal highlighted that OMU has reached an international dimension, "We admit successful young people to the University by applying a country quota and through examinations. We believe this approach is correct and creates a structure that allows people from the region we call the heartland geography to receive education at this university. We also believe that education should develop people who are suitable for the needs of today's world and employment expectations. Therefore, we subjected our current education system to a revision starting in 2020. Not just the courses, but including course contents, teaching methods, and evaluation systems, we reviewed education holistically, which led to our university's current position."

"We Take Great Pleasure in Hosting Students from Brother Countries"

"Our university receiving the 'Türkiye Higher Education Innovation and Achievement Award' is a great source of pride," said Rector Ünal, adding, "Especially this success is an important development for the region and a special source of pride for those who contributed to the University. The devoted work of those contributing to OMU reaching this level is essential. Our students are raised to be reliable individuals who are knowledgeable of religious, national, and cultural values, proficient in technical skills, and exemplary to society with their moral values. They also carry the mission of serving the community. We take great pleasure in hosting students from brother countries and our relations with these countries."

Ambassador Ramin: "This Agreement Is a Testament to the Deep Brotherhood, Friendship, and Cooperation Between Our Two Nations"

Expressing great pleasure in being at OMU to celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the Afghanistan-Türkiye Friendship and Diplomatic Cooperation Treaty, the Ambassador of Afghanistan, Amir Mohammed Ramin, said in his speech, "The reason we celebrate this important day, marking the beginning of diplomatic relations between the two countries, in Samsun, the city where Türkiye's struggle for independence began, is because this city is where the foundations of our bilateral relations were laid. Before the official opening of the Afghanistan Embassy in Ankara on June 10, 1921, Afghanistan's first ambassador to Türkiye, Sultan Ahmed Khan, entered Türkiye through the Port of Samsun and sent his first official telegram to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha, stating, 'I have reached the holy lands of Islam.' This treaty marks the beginning of diplomatic and political relations between two independent countries and expresses the deep brotherhood, friendship, and cooperation bonds between two nations sharing common religious, historical, and cultural heritage."

The celebration, warmly received, concluded with a photo session.

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