FISU University World Cup Combat Sports Staged Exciting Competitions on its Second Day
23 September 2022, Friday - 11:18
Updated: 23 September 2022, Friday - 11:18
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The second day of the FISU University World Cup Combat Sports, where 769 athletes from 430 universities located in 50 countries compete, continued with Wushu and Sambo competitions. Finals were held in the Changquan, Nangun, and Nando sub-categories of Sambo and Wushu, and quarter-finals and semi-finals were held in the Sanda category.

Sambo finals were held in 6 different weight classes. Shizana Plish from Ukraine in women's 54 kilos, Maxat Bakytov from Kazakhstan in men's 64 kilos, Miraida Medetbek Kyzy from Kyrgyzstan in women's 65 kilos, Yaroslav Mykhaliuk from Ukraine in men's 79 kilos, Serdem Daharlı from Turkey in women's 80 kilos, Imeda Gogoladze from Georgia in men’s 98 kilos won the gold medal. The excitement was at its peak in the competitions where competition was fierce.

In the Changquan, Nangun, and Nandao finals, which are sub-categories of Wushu, Tammy Hui Ling from Malaysia in women's Changquan and Edgar Xavier Marvelo from Indonesia in men's Changquan came first. Mohammed Ali Mojiri Foroshani from Iran won in the Nangun final, while Po Yan Lau from Hong Kong won in the Nandao final. The athletes who received their gold medals at the medal ceremony held after the competitions celebrated their success with their technical teams.

Six semi-finals and one quarter-final were held in Sanda, another sub-category of Wushu.

Zeynep Alipaşaoğlu from Turkey and Tharisa Dea Florentina from Indonesia in the women's 52 kilos, Mohana Rahimi from Iran and Thania Kusumanıngtyas from Indonesia in the women's 60 kilos, Laksmana Pandu Pratama from Indonesia in men's 52 kilos, and Hamidreza Sahandı from Iran in men's 70 kilos reached the finals. Ali Khorshidirabie from Iran in men's 80 kilos reached the semi-finals.

At the end of the day, Turkey won 10 medals, followed by Ukraine with 9, Turkmenistan and Iran with 3, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Kyrgyzstan with 2, and Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Mexico with one each.

Following their initial success at the Tournament, Turkey and Ukraine also continued their successful performances on the second day of the Tournament.

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