Rector Ünal Engages in Breakfast Meeting with Visiting Ugandan Delegation at OMU
14 July 2023, Friday - 20:12
Updated: 19 July 2023, Wednesday - 21:08
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During their visit to Samsun, a delegation from Uganda representing various sectors had the opportunity to meet with Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal at a breakfast program hosted by Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU).

The breakfast gathering, held at the OMU Guest House, was attended by esteemed individuals such as Prof. Dr. Cengiz Çokluk, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; Prof. Dr. Yıldıray Topcu, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering; Prof. Dr. Mustafa Said Kurşunoğlu, Head of the International Relations Office; Lect. Tolga Arslan, a member of the Institutional Communication Office; and Lect. Birol Kurt, a member of the International Collaboration Office.

The Ugandan delegation consisted of distinguished members, including Jennifer Kaggwa Busulwa, Human Resources Manager, and Monicah Elizabeth Seruma, Branch Manager at the Uganda National Highways Authority. Additionally, Vincent Seruma, former Head of Public and Corporate Affairs at the Uganda Revenue Authority and a National Rewards and Sanctions Committee member, joined the delegation. Other participants included Peter Richard Semakula, a director at St. Lawrence University; Dr. Walakira Steveni, a doctor at Nakasero Hospital; Tilda Nabanja, an official at the Central Bank of Uganda; as well as esteemed businesspeople David Lugya Sserunkuuma and Nabiwafu Brenda Sarah.

Rector Ünal shared his views on projects that will further strengthen cooperation in different fields

During the breakfast program, Rector Ünal was provided with valuable insights and assessments from the delegation. He also expressed his views on the development of projects aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation between Turkey and Uganda in various sectors, including education, health, and research.

Delegation member Seruma "Institutions and organizations in Uganda are ready for OMU-led cooperation"

During the event, Vincent Seruma delivered a presentation outlining the ideas and potential collaborations discussed during their visit to OMU. Seruma emphasized that institutions and organizations in Uganda are prepared to engage in bilateral cooperation under the leadership of OMU. He expressed their willingness to work together towards mutually agreed priority goals, highlighting their eagerness to participate in joint initiatives.

Rector Ünal: "We give importance to Africa"

Rector Ünal, attentively listening to the guests, emphasized the significant value that OMU places on the African continent. He elaborated on the broad outlines and preliminary plans for the cooperation under discussion. Rector Ünal highlighted that OMU is actively engaged in fostering partnerships that will benefit both countries and aims to achieve tangible outcomes as promptly as possible.

Rector Ünal invited to Uganda

During the program, David Lugya extended an invitation to Rector Ünal to visit Uganda for on-site assessments. In response, Rector Ünal enthusiastically announced that the trip would be planned and organized at the earliest convenience.

The breakfast program concluded with the exchange of gifts between Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal, the members of the Ugandan delegation, and a commemorative photo session.

The Ugandan delegation commenced their visits to the university on Tuesday, July 11, and on the same day, they held an initial evaluation meeting with Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal.

Members of the delegation benefited from the services at the Faculty of Medicine Hospital

As part of their extensive visit to OMU, the members of the Ugandan delegation had the opportunity to benefit from the services offered at various departments and facilities within the university. They met with administrators from the Faculty of Medicine Hospital, Faculty of Dentistry Hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Animal Hospital, Central Library, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Health Sciences, Vocational School of Health Services, and International Relations Office. This allowed them to gain firsthand knowledge and insight into these units.

Furthermore, the delegation had the chance to witness the activities of the recently established International Health Tourism Unit and received medical examination and treatment services at different departments of the Faculty of Medicine Hospital.

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