We Introduce OMU to Uganda
27 February 2023, Monday - 13:22
Updated: 16 March 2023, Thursday - 13:27
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Comprehensive information meetings that introduce the Ondokuz Mayıs University International Student Entrance Examination 2023 (OMÜ-YÖS 2023), OMÜ Health Application and Research Center, the city of Samsun, and our University are continuing at full speed in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

The promotional tour of OMU, aiming to increase the visibility of OMU in Uganda and throughout East Africa, started on February 16. Seven leading high schools, four universities, and three hospitals of the city, as well as the Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye in Kampala, TIKA Uganda Office, ISAR Primary School and Orphanage belonging to the Çare Association, Ugandan Muslim Supreme Council, and DBS Channel, have been visited so far. Three rectors, many deans, school principals, chief physicians, hospital administrators, institution managers, and hundreds of high school students attended the presentations.

OMÜ-YÖS 2023 presentations were held at Kibuli Teacher Training School, Kakungulu Memorial School – Kibuli, Rubaga Girls' School, Muteesa I Royal University, Mengo Senior School, Buloba High School, Makerere University College of Health Sciences, Ndejje University, St Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School, and the Emirates College School.

Lecturer Arslan "Uganda approached our education very positively"

Lecturer Tolga Arslan, who has been giving presentations in Uganda, said, "The administrators, rectors, teachers, and students who listened to the presentation in which our university, OMÜ-YÖS, our city, and our country were promoted were very impressed by our University. They all listened very carefully to our promotions and approached the information conveyed very positively. We also had conversations with the students after the presentations. Most of the Ugandan students, whom I observed to be extremely enthusiastic and open to learning, expressed that they wanted to benefit from the educational opportunities of our University and added OMU to their plans. All of the teachers expressed their admiration for OMU. They stated that they approached this exam positively, enabling their students to study in Turkey and at OMU and that they would encourage them to take OMÜ-YÖS."

In addition to school visits, OMU was introduced to the directors of Kibuli Muslim Hospital, Uganda Martyrs' Hospital, and Mengo Hospital, which are the leading hospitals of the city in Uganda, and discussions on possible collaborations were held.

Future cooperation with hospitals in Uganda planned

The directors of the hospitals were informed that OMU wants to share its modern, high-quality advanced medical knowledge with the people of Uganda and Africa and that it is ready to train its Ugandan colleagues in the desired fields without any charge. Stating that they are prepared to do everything necessary to strengthen bilateral relations, the parties expressed that support can be provided in matters such as organizing training programs and student exchange.

Uganda has not forgotten our losses in the earthquake

The Republic of Türkiye Kampala Embassy also held a memorial service for those who lost their lives in the earthquake. OMU participated in commemorating our people who lost their lives in the earthquake disaster. During the ceremony, the participants expressed their sorrow on behalf of our country.

OMU Visits the Embassy

A congratulatory visit was paid to Fatih Ak, who has been serving as the new ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye to Uganda since February 1, 2023. During the visit, Ambassador Ak was briefed on Samsun, OMÜ, and OMÜ-YÖS, and OMU's future plans for the region have been shared.

During the presentation, to which he listened carefully, Ambassador Ak shared his views and suggestions that will enable the development of OMU's activities in the region and underlined that he would talk about the activities of our University in the region and its potential for possible cooperation during his visits to government institutions in Uganda. Ambassador Ak, who found the projects OMU plans to realize in Uganda extremely positive and impressive, wished us success and stated that, as the embassy, they would support our institution.

The Uganda tour, which aims to introduce Türkiye, Samsun, OMU, and OMU-YOS, will continue until March 9, 2023.

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