Photo Exhibition at OMU Highlights the Atrocities Faced by Palestinians
15 May 2024, Wednesday - 13:45
Updated: 16 May 2024, Thursday - 14:04
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The massacre and oppression experienced by Palestinians were brought to light through a photo exhibition at Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU). 

The event, organized under the name "Dome of the Rock and Photo Exhibition," was held at the Life Center in the central Kurupelit Campus, highlighting the Israeli occupation and the resulting suffering in Palestine.

The exhibition, which began with a recitation of the Qur'an and was inaugurated by Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal, saw attendance from Rector's Advisor Prof. Dr. Yavuz Bayram, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. Yıldıray Topcu, Dean of the Faculty of Theology Prof. Dr. Recep Demir, along with Vice Deans Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bekir Özüdoğru and Dr. Elif Sobi, Director of Bafra Vocational School of Tourism Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seyfullah Gül, academicians, administrative staff, and students.

At the event, a model of the Dome of the Rock, one of the first domed structures of Islamic architecture in Jerusalem, was placed in the center of the ceremony area at the Life Center.

Rector Ünal: “We Stand with the Truth and Our Palestinian Muslim Brothers”

Before the opening of the exhibition, Rector Ünal shared his feelings and thoughts on the oppression and humanitarian tragedy in Palestine, stating, "Today in Gaza, there is an unprecedented atrocity, a genocide, an immoral war that the history of humanity has never witnessed and perhaps never will again. In the face of this war, a stance must be taken. According to the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad, going to Al-Aqsa Mosque, if not possible, praying there, and providing oil for its lamps is part of our consciousness. We thank our Lord for carrying this consciousness. However, as Muslims, we should see this life as a temporary test ground. In this test, we sometimes live with our losses, sometimes with our gains, sometimes in abundance, sometimes in scarcity, and sometimes with fear. Ultimately, we are living a life subjected to this test. Today, unfortunately, there is insensitivity to the massacres and oppression inflicted on Muslims in the history of humanity. Being indifferent to this test is essentially losing one's humanity. Therefore, we stand with the truth. We side with our brothers in Palestine, who are excluded just for being Muslims, whose rights are taken away just for being Muslims, and therefore are victimized. We are grateful for acting with this consciousness."

“One of the Most Effective Reflexes We Can Show Today is a Systematic Boycott Against Oppressive Structures”

Emphasizing that the boycott reflects our stance and sincerity, Rector Ünal continued, "At OMU, we congratulate every brother who contributes to this blessed resistance by coming together as communities and standing against injustice. May our Lord be pleased with them. Perhaps we cannot prevent this occupation, but at least it is our moral responsibility to declare and shout that we are against this brutality and oppression, and we must exhibit this stance sincerely and wholeheartedly. It is like being shocked by a scene we see on the road and showing our stance with a heartfelt prayer. One of the most effective reflexes we can show today is a systematic boycott against oppressive and genocidal structures. We should not submit to Israeli products, whether they are on sale or very cheap and of good quality, or for any other reason. This stance must be maintained and spread by our families, our environment, and similar individuals. A sincere prayer is the strongest behavior we can exhibit in the face of such a heartbreaking disaster. Even if we cannot be with our brothers, we are sure that our Lord hears these prayers. Therefore, we should make sincere prayers and share the means we have. We will not stoop to products that strengthen their economic machinery. We must know that such a boycott reflects our stance and sincerity and act accordingly because this stance gives meaning to our existence."

“What is Happening in Gaza Today is a Warning for All Humanity”

Prof. Dr. Ünal concluded his remarks by emphasizing that the struggle against the genocide should not cease, saying, "Even if a ceasefire is declared in Gaza, Israel has not withdrawn. If we do not continue our struggle, humanity will face this situation again. We should evaluate the events in Gaza from this perspective. What is happening in Gaza today is a warning for all humanity. Humanity may face such a situation again. The West has established a new order with television networks, and we must not overlook this reality. However, the unveiling of the truths in the world orchestrated by the West makes us happy as Muslims. Today, we expect the voices of Muslims to rise and their messages to be broadcast. What we have learned from our brothers in Gaza contributes to the struggle. The Muslims in Gaza demonstrate the power of faith, what it can achieve, and how a believer can stand against all kinds of difficulties."

Following the speeches, Rector Ünal examined the photos inside the model Dome of the Rock during the opening of the exhibition.

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