The Impacts of Postmodern Movements on the Youth are Discussed in the Faculty of Theology
12 October 2017 - 09:44
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The Religion Philosophy Congress on "The Postmodern Movements Threatening the Values of the Youth" was organized by the Department of Religion Philosophy in the Faculty of Theology.

The 7th Congress on Religion Philosophy was held in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Theology. Congress took place with the participation of Vice Rector Prof. Mehmet Ali Cengiz, Prof. Metin Yılmaz, Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Musa Yüksel, Deputy Mayor of İlkadım, vice deans, academicians and students.

“Postmodern Movements threatening the future of the youth is the main problem”

Prior to the beginning of the Congress, Ünsal Yüksel, the 3rd-year student of the Faculty of Theology, recited the Qur'an. Prof. Metin Yasa, Head of the Department of Religion Philosophy in the Faculty of Education, made the opening speech of the congress subsequent to the recitation of Qu'ran, and he remarked: "This congress has two topics that should be discussed here. One of these issues is to address a problem in religious philosophy classes, and the other is to talk about the future of religion philosophy. The problem to be discussed in the Congress is the postmodern movements that threaten the future of the youth. It is obvious that this problem is multidimensional, deeply inward, destructive, threatening, powerful, and waiting for solution. For this reason, we will discuss how to interpret post-movements that threaten the youth, how to analyze them and what kind of solution to be produced."

“Students at high schools are negatively influenced by postmodern movements”

Prof. Metin Yılmaz, Dean of the Faculty of Theology, gave a speech at the Congress, and he emphasized that the students at high schools were negatively influenced by postmodern movements.

Musa Yüksel, Deputy Mayor of İlkadım, remarked: "We are living in the information age. In other words, our children and young people can acquire information instantly about any kind of events happening in the world. At this point, there is a lot of work to do by theologians, and I would like to underline that if we do not improve, the world will not recover". We must keep this kind of work much more strict so that we can transfer our knowledge and values to the most remote parts of the world and of Turkey.".

“The results of the congress will provide benefits for our society”

Before starting the congress, Vice Rector Mehmet Ali Cengiz made the last speech. He emphasized the significance of the issue to be discussed at the congress, and he thanked the participants.

Following the opening speeches, the first session of the congress was held. In the first session moderated by Prof. Ramazan Ertürk from Erciyes University, Prof. Metin Yasa from the Faculty of Theology at OMU made his presentation entitled "Spiritualism: Alternative Spirituality". A Assoc. Prof. Ayşe Sıdıka Oktay from the Faculty of Theology at Süleyman Demirel University gave a speech on "Relativism: Moral Relativity", and Prof. Bayram Dalkılıç from the Faculty of Theology at Necmettin Erbakan University shared information with participants on "Agnosticism: Skeptical Agnosticism".

Story: Nehir GÜLER

Photography: Gökhan ÇETİN

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