Our Instructor Emre Şengün Receives the 5th International Ex Libris Competition Special Award
05 Ekim 2022, Çarşamba - 15:11
Güncelleme: 12 Ocak 2023, Perşembe - 12:32
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Emre Şengün, Head of Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Distance Education Center Graphic Design Unit, achieved great success by receiving the Special Award (Mehmet Rafet Atalık) in the 5th International Ex Libris Competition organized by the Istanbul Ex Libris Association, İstinye University, and Selçuk Ecza Deposu.

This award is the 13th award received by Artist Emre Şengün in many countries such as Belgium, China, Italy, Cyprus, Mexico, Poland, Russia, and Turkiye. Şengün's works were also exhibited in 35 different catalogs.

The International Ex Libris Competition is open to artists and designers from all countries. It is organized to bring together and evaluate aesthetic and original ex libris works to encourage artists and to promote and popularize the art.

What is Ex Libris?

Ex libris is a branch of art that identifies and glorifies the book's owner. They are small print pictures with their names and designs on different subjects that book lovers stick on the inside cover of their books. We can say that they are business cards or deeds of a book. They identify and glorify the book's owner and warn the borrowers to return the book. Ex libris is an essential communication tool. Although they were born as a necessity, they are original artworks created with aesthetic concerns.

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