Presidential Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies Board: "OMU is the Pioneer in Cyber Security and Cryptology in Türkiye"
30 Kasım 2022, Çarşamba - 14:36
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Under the Presidential Science, Technology and Innovation Policies Board (BTYPK), in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and with the technical support of TUBITAK, "Technology Road Maps were prepared in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Materials, Big Data and Cloud Computing, Engine Technologies, Cyber Security, and Biotechnological Medicine."

In the Cyber Security Technology Roadmap, it was emphasized that OMU is the pioneer in our country.

In the "Cyber Security Technology Roadmap," which is one of the six roadmaps, it is emphasized that OMU is the pioneer in cyber security and cryptology (the science of secret texts and encrypted documents) in Türkiye.

Prof. Dr. Akleylek: “Akademik ve sektörel bakış açısını harmanlayarak problemlere çözüm odaklı yaklaşıyoruz”

Prof. Dr. Sedat Akleylek, who made a significant contribution to the process with his team, stated that the Cyber Security Technology Roadmap was created as a result of the scientific and technological evaluation of cyber security and information technologies, taking into account the sectoral perspective, with the aim of being beneficial to everyone working on these issues. Dr. Akyelek continued his speech: "Today, the need for transformation has emerged due to the widespread use of digital media. With this rapid digital transformation, it is seen that there are important problems within the framework of information security concepts. With cyber security and cryptographic approaches, the need to store, process, share, and access data in desired situations can be done without any problems. With cyber security and cryptographic solutions, in addition to confidentiality, integrity, identity control, and non-repudiation, it is ensured that systems can do the jobs they are defined without any problems. As a center, we continue our work as projects, academic and scientific publications, patents, and products to contribute to developing domestic and national solutions in the cyber security and cryptology field. In summary, we approach problems with a solution-oriented approach by blending academic and sectoral perspectives."

ASELSAN supported cyber security projects

Pointing out that as OMU Cyber Security and Information Technologies Application and Research Center, they primarily aim to raise awareness of cyber security in Samsun and nearby provinces and that they regularly give training and seminars in this context, Center Manager Akleylek shared the following information about these studies and their cooperation network: "In our country, we publish the 'Cyber Security and Defense' book series with the support of the Presidency's Digital Transformation Office and in partnership with Gazi University in order to create Turkish resources in the focus of cyber security and cryptology and contribute to open science. We have published six volumes so far, and they are freely available to all readers. At our university, we carry out pioneering studies in the field of post-quantum cryptography with national and international supported projects. With these studies, we contribute to the standardization processes. In addition, we paved the way for sectoral collaborations with our work on basic cryptographic algorithms and the use of these algorithms in commercial ready-to-use technologies. In this context, cyber security projects supported by defense industry companies such as ASELSAN are carried out. At the same time, we continue to work intensively on cyber security solutions for national combat aircraft."

"We are working on projects that will make the communication infrastructure of many important institutions resistant to attacks."

Talking about the international connections and collaborations of the Center, which he is the head of, Akleylek emphasized the importance of international connections and collaborations of the Center and said, "In September 2022, together with TÜBİTAK BİLGEM National Electronics and Cryptology Research Institute, within the scope of NATO Science for Peace and Security (NATO SPS) program, we contributed to the training programs covering the possible destructive effects of quantum computers on cryptology and the precautions to be taken against these effects aimed at experts working in important institutions of the Azerbaijan government. We continue to work on laying the foundations of projects that will make the communication infrastructure of many important institutions cryptographically resistant to quantum computer attacks. In the coming days, our support to friendly and brotherly countries in the field of cyber security and cryptology will continue to increase in different scopes. Within the framework of our international cooperation, we carry out joint studies and projects with researchers and institutions in Estonia, France, Spain, Germany, Malaysia, Georgia, Japan, India, South Korea, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and the USA. We started to collect the results of these both nationally and internationally."

One of 3 inventions worth exhibiting at SAHA EXPO 2022

Dr. Akleylek also noted that one of the three inventions deemed worthy of exhibit at the "SAHA EXPO 2022 Defense, Aerospace Industry Fair" by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office is the patent titled "A Method for Developing Binary Linear Conversion in Symmetric Key Passwords," which they developed together with researchers at Trakya University.

Presidential Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Board Cyber Security Technology Roadmap:

TÜBİTAK 2022 – 2023 priority R&D and innovation fields based on the areas specified in the Cyber Security Technology Roadmap:

SAHA EXPO 2022 news link:

"Cybersecurity and Defense" book series:

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