TTK Re-elected Prof. Dr. İbrahim Tellioğlu as a Principal Member of the Scientific Committee
30 Kasım 2022, Çarşamba - 13:02
Güncelleme: 12 Ocak 2023, Perşembe - 12:32
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Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of History member Prof. Dr. İbrahim Tellioğlu is awarded full membership of the Turkish Historical Society (TTK) Science Board for the third time.

The election of Dr. Tellioğlu as a full member of the TTK Science Board for the third time due to his outstanding academic performance was received with great pleasure at OMU, which is grounded on science, technology and generating ideas, and focuses on these goals with all its academic and administrative components in the light of its corporate strategy. Dr. Tellioğlu stated that he aims to be able to carry out this duty he had undertaken again to the best of his abilities.

The academic profile of Prof. Dr. İbrahim Tellioğlu

General Turkish history expert Dr. Tellioğlu wrote the following books on this area; "Turks in the Eastern Black Sea Region until the Ottoman Domination," "Turkish-Georgian Relations in the 11th-13th Centuries," "The Greek State of Trabzon," "Samsun from the First Age to the Ottomans," " The Black Sea Throughout History," "Turkish-Armenian Relations and the Events of 1915", and "The Conquest of Anatolia Through the Eyes of the Conquered."

Dr. Tellioğlu, who has been the organizer of workshops and symposiums titled "Turkish-Georgian Relations", which has brought together historians of Turkey and Georgia since 2016 with the support of the TTK, continues to work on the history of the Black Sea and the Caucasus.

Dr. Tellioğlu was most recently selected as the author of the year with his work "The Conquest of Anatolia Through the Eyes of the Conquered" in the category of "investigation" at the Writers Union of Turkey Awards.

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