“We Remember the 25th Anniversary of Khojaly Massacre”

27 February 2017, Monday - 22:10


We remember the 25th anniversary of the atrocious incident inscribed into the pages of history as the “Khojaly Massacre” where humanity ceased to exist and our consciences were deeply shaken. As expressed in the terse “one nation, two states”, which reflects our empathy with Azerbaijan; we once again declare to the whole world that our scales of justice concerning this tragic massacre conducted against “Us” are balanced and true.  We call the international community to contemplate on the Khojaly Massacre instead of subsiding in deep silence, while reminding that this massacre was committed against whole humanity.

With these feelings and opinions, I mournfully remember our brothers who were martyred in the Khojaly Massacre.


Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç


Last Update: 27 February 2017, Monday - 22:12

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