They Cycle for the Environment

29 May 2019, Wednesday - 09:39


Ondokuz Mayıs University, Atakum Municipality and Bahçeşehir College jointly organized a bicycle riding event on the coast of Atakum in order to draw attention to the issue of sustainable environment.

The event started at Atakum Çobanlı Pier and ended at Kurupelit Yacht Harbor with the participation of Rector's Counselor Prof. Yüksel Ardalı, Academician in the Department of Enviromental Engineering at OMU, Ünal Durmuş, Director of Atakum Campus of Bahçeşehir College, academicians, teachers, and students. The event was supported by the Environment Club and Cycling Club.

"We will live in a more healthy environment if we can change our habits"

Prof. Yüksel Ardalı made a speech in the event and she remarked: "we see that many of the human activities harm the environment and other living creatures. We can make our life easier and live without harming the nature if we can change our habits."

"We have seriously damaged our environment with unconscious consumption"

Unal Durmuş, Director of the Atakum Campus of Bahçeşehir College, stated that human relations with the environment gained different dimensions after the Industrial Revolution. As Bahçeşehir College, we organized such an event to transfer our sensibility and emotions to a wider audience. We would like to thank our teacher Yüksel Ardalı, the club members and everyone who is here".

After the speeches, the participants rode bikes around a parkour of 4 kilometers. The participants went to Kurupelit Marina and then returned to Çobanlı Pier, which was the starting point, and the event ended here.

Last Update: 29 May 2019, Wednesday - 09:39

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