Rector Bilgiç Calls for a Healthy Life

09 February 2017, Thursday - 12:21


Cigarettes, which are among the leading triggering factors of many diseases and threaten human health, not only harm smokers, but also “poison” our children, spouses, siblings, friends, or simply anyone who are in the vicinity of a smoker.

This day serves as a call to individuals in the way of breaking this bad habit which is harmful for the individual and the people around them.

For our families, beloved ones, environment, a healthier life, and a smoke-free living space, I too join the “please quit smoking!” call at this significant day; and loudly repeat this call. Please you too pay heed to this call and put out your cigarettes never to light them again.


Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç

Last Update: 21 February 2017, Tuesday - 19:11

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