TSE Food Safety Management System Training is Completed at OMU

02 September 2020, Wednesday - 14:34

HABER: Çiğdem Ünaldı


“TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems Training”, which was held online by Serhat Canpolat, the training specialist in Turkish Standards Institute (TSI), ended.

At the end of the 3-day training program organized for quality studies at Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU), Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Fehmi Yazıcı expressed his appreciation to those who have contributed to arranging the training and said: “Food safety is an extremely important issue that concerns everyone, and all people should have knowledge about it, regardless of their profession.

“Our works on quality will increasingly continue”

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Fehmi Yazıcı emphasized that the quality works at OMU would increasingly go on and he remarked: “Our goal is not just to get a TSE, ISO certificate or to be accredited. More importantly, we would like to address our shortcomings and handle them. Therefore, we need to organize more training programs to improve the things at our university.”

“We want to be at the forefront of quality activities not the watchers”

Pointing out that the evaluations which the universities are subjected to can provide opportunities to eliminate the deficiencies, Vice Rector Yazıcı continued his words saying “Being informed about our shortcomings is very significant in order to address the problems and solve them. Our administrative and academic staff, our students, and even our country need a quality culture. Because the countries that care about quality are the leading countries and do their job very well. We also need to perceive and handle the quality issue as a whole. Therefore, we will continue to work on quality-related activities and want to be at the forefront of quality activities not the watchers.

Vice Rector Yazıcı, noting that OMU is one of the most established and largest institutions of our country in terms of faculty members, emphasized that they could provide support by collaborating with other institutions on quality.

The training program was concluded with Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Fehmi Yazıcı presenting a seedling certificate to TSI training specialist Serhat Canpolat during their video conference.

Last Update: 02 September 2020, Wednesday - 14:34

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