Scoliosis Patients Regain Their Health at OMU
06 September 2022, Tuesday - 11:24
Updated: 06 September 2022, Tuesday - 11:24
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The treatment and surgeries of scoliosis (spine curvature) patients are successfully performed at Ondokuz Mayıs University Health Application and Research Center (OMU-SUVAM).

Dr. Hüseyin Sina Coşkun, a lecturer at OMU-SUVAM Orthopedics and Traumatology Department, Department of Surgical Medical Sciences, told reporters that early diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis, which is seen in 3 percent of the society, is of great importance.

Stating that they carry out the treatment and control of more than 500 scoliosis patients in the region as a hospital, Coşkun emphasized that scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, as it is commonly used, is a health problem that can have significant consequences if not treated.

Dr. Coşkun "Scoliosis can progress insidiously without any symptoms for a long time."

Noting that 85-90% of scoliosis begins in adolescence, Coşkun said, "Scoliosis is a health problem that should never be taken lightly. Although spinal deformities, posture, and gait disturbances are only seen as physical problems, they can actually cause life-threatening consequences. Scoliosis constitutes most of the structural deformities (bending and deformities of the bones). Depending on the degree of the curvature, it may not be noticed for many years, and it may also cause the need for emergency intervention by pressing on the lungs. Scoliosis can progress insidiously without any symptoms and pain for a long time."

Pointing out that scoliosis can be corrected with early diagnosis and the proper treatment, Coşkun said that besides the curvature, the volume contraction in the chest due to the deformity caused by this can also be prevented.

"Don't be afraid of scoliosis, be afraid of being late."

Emphasizing that the most crucial thing in scoliosis is not to be late in diagnosing the disease, Coşkun said: "Don't be afraid of scoliosis, be afraid of being late. Bones harden with age. It becomes more challenging to treat a hardened spine. We apply corset treatment to those with spinal curvature between 25 and 45 degrees. Corsets do not cure the disease; they only stop its progression. Bone age is crucial for this. The use of a corset becomes important if bone development continues. For more severe curvatures of 50 degrees, we apply the surgical treatment. However, most children with this condition or their families are unaware that they have scoliosis. The disease has become known with the effect of awareness works and social media in recent years."

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