Rector Ünal: 'OMU Undertook a Serious Mission in Cannabis-Related Studies'
30 November 2022, Wednesday - 11:21
Updated: 12 January 2023, Thursday - 11:32
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Two separate cooperation protocols were signed between Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) and the Eastern Black Sea Project Regional Development Administration (DOKAP) regarding the execution of projects that will contribute significantly to the region's development.

Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal and DOKAP President Hakan Gültekin signed the protocols at the ceremony held at the OMU Rectorate. Vice-Rectors Prof. Dr. Cengiz Batuk, Prof. Dr. Selim Eren, Prof. Dr. Sevim Alışır, and Prof. Dr. Mahmut Başoğlu were also present at the signing ceremony.

Protocols regarding the utilization, monitoring, and control of the funds to be transferred for the 'Fiber Plants Production and Processing Complex Project' and the 'Cannabis Research Center Project' (the Cannabis Products Test Center and the creation of data platforms) were signed. The signed protocols aim to monitor, evaluate, and finance the projects approved by DOKAP without any problems.

The projects aim to produce hemp and fibrous plants, which are important for the country's economy, by local farmers in Samsun and its surroundings. The projects also aim to establish a complex that can process these fibrous plants and produce by-products such as fiber, cellulose, tow, oil, and seeds which will end in the industrialization of these efforts.

"Projects of strategic importance for the region and our country"

Making evaluations at the protocol ceremony, Rector Ünal said, "I would like to thank DOKAP President Hakan Gültekin for his devoted work in this process. Today, we are signing these protocols to bring functionality to two important projects of strategic importance for OMU, the region, and our country. Our works are defined as priority research areas and became projects accordingly. This means that hemp and other fibrous plants are presented to the region's economy. They will become an investment in the region as an industrial product and a mission in the future. Therefore, both of our projects are important projects that excite us. We know that our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, closely follows the studies on cannabis and personally wants studies on this subject to be carried out. OMU has undertaken a serious mission at this point. We tried to speed up the process by re-planning the academic knowledge in a way that would contribute to the development of the region. We have serious investments and ongoing negotiations in this regard. We hope these two projects will lead to more comprehensive projects in the future."

"OMU and Samsun are pilot regions in cannabis studies"

DOKAP President Hakan Gültekin said, "We decided to evaluate the two qualified projects by OMU as a new beginning for the region. The 'Cannabis Research Center Project' with the financing of 10 million 500 thousand TL and the 'Fiber Plants Production and Processing Complex Project' with 7 million 362 thousand TL are significant works for us. OMU and Samsun are pilot regions in cannabis studies. Especially with OMU, we carried out an important process related to the workshop and processes of fibrous plants (hemp, nettle). We want to develop these studies to reflect from the local level to the general. Especially in the Development Plan of our Presidency, important targets regarding hemp and nettle were set. It was very important for us to support these projects."

The protocol ceremony ended with taking a souvenir photo after DOKAP President Gültekin and his entourage visited Rector Ünal in his office.

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