Rector Ünal Congratulates OMU Academicians for Their Success at ISIF’20

13 November 2020, Friday - 00:43

HABER: Kader İbici


OMU Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal hosted the academicians who were granted the award at the 5th Istanbul International Invention Fair (ISIF'20) and congratulated them for their accomplishment.

Rector Ünal congratulated the award-winning academicians being evaluated according to the specific criteria defined by a 16-person jury board at the fair where 519 inventions were exhibited from 26 countries and wished them all continued success in their works.

In the online award ceremony of the ISIF’20 International Invention Competition in which the academicians participated through the OMU Technology Transfer Office, Asst. Prof. Murat Kapusuz, Prof. Dr. Hakan Özcan, and Assoc. Prof. Mevlüt Gürbüz, academic members of the Faculty of Engineering, were awarded the gold medal for the photocatalytic capsule to be used in the development of fuel properties. Academic Member of the Faculty of Engineering Assoc. Prof. Sevim Alışır, and Engineering Faculty Student Kübra Ökmen received a silver medal for the production of a-Al203 from waste aluminum cans. Assoc. Prof. Abdülkadir Bakay, academic member of the Faculty of Medicine, was also awarded the silver medal for the production of nonconductive sheat that is transparent and used in surgical dissection. In addition, Assoc. Prof. Ertuğrul Can from the Faculty of Medicine took the bronze medal for the amniotic membrane transplantation system he produced, and the academic member of the Faculty of Engineering Assoc. Prof. Kemal Yıldızlı and Res. Asst. Erkan Öztürk took the bronze medal with the smart cutting tool module for CNC machines they designed.

“We Need Young, Researching and Producing Minds”

Rector Ünal, noting that Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) is a university that is ever-growing, producing and beneficial to society in terms of R&D projects, said: “The mission of our university is extremely significant and valuable. We are committed to continuously carrying out projects and works that will further develop our country and our city in order to achieve our university mission. For this reason, we are going to continue to provide support for university staff as best we can. Our next biggest goal will be to achieve greater success by collaborating with our stakeholders.”

“Our Industry Cannot Have a Place in the World Market Without Patents”

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Fehmi Yazıcı expressed his views about patents and said the following: “Ten years ago, we could not have imagined where we stand now about patents. Without patents for our products, our industry has no chance to have a corner in the world market. It is only possible for us to take our country and our university a step further by changing our current mindset.”

The ceremony concluded with Rector Ünal presenting the certificates of achievement and medals to the academicians and a photoshoot.

Last Update: 13 November 2020, Friday - 00:43

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