OMU Teams Return from TEKNOFEST Ankara with Remarkable Achievements in Various Categories
05 September 2023, Tuesday - 14:51
Updated: 19 September 2023, Tuesday - 14:52
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In the centennial year of the Republic, Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) has once again demonstrated its prowess by securing three finalist teams out of 2,415 competing teams at TEKNOFEST Ankara, a hub for entrepreneurial competitions.

Among the three finalist teams, Esinti Team stands out for their exceptional performance, securing the second-place award in the field of Aerospace and Defense Technologies. This significant accomplishment underlines OMU's commitment to excellence in cutting-edge domains.

The teams that brought honor and pride to OMU through their outstanding achievements were personally congratulated by the University's Rector, Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal.

Esinti Team Secures Second Place in Aerospace and Defense Technologies Category

In the fiercely competitive field of Aerospace and Defense Technologies, Esinti Team, led by OMU-TTO Coordinator and Assistant Professor Dr. İdris Sancaktar, clinched an impressive second place out of 216 teams. Their project, "Flight Control Board, ESC, Power Distribution Board Software, and Production for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles," demonstrated remarkable innovation and expertise.

Comprised of the talented duo Gülşah Salihanur Keleş and Enes Bahadır Eravcı, Esinti Team's remarkable achievement exemplifies the dedication and capability of OMU's aspiring engineers and innovators. This accomplishment is a testament to the University's commitment to fostering excellence in cutting-edge technology sectors.

Increasing Localization in Civil Aviation: Esinti Team's Ambitious Goal

Esinti Team, driven by the vision of enhancing domestic production in civil aviation, has set an ambitious goal with their project. They aim to achieve total domestic production of essential electronic components for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, which include the flight control board, electronic speed controller, and power distribution board. 

This endeavor showcases their technical prowess and aligns with a broader national objective of boosting localization in the aviation sector. Esinti Team's dedication to producing these critical components domestically represents a significant step toward self-sufficiency and innovation in civil aviation.

Helimor Aviation Team Emerges as Finalist in Agriculture Technologies Category

In the realm of Agriculture Technologies, Helimor Aviation Team has secured a notable position as a finalist. Amongst 232 competing teams, they achieved an impressive fifth place.

Under the guidance of their advisor, Dr. Nalan Türköz Karakullukçu, Helimor Aviation Team was founded and led by a trio of talented individuals, namely Başak Demir, Elif Kapusızoğlu, and Metehan Ünalan.

Their success highlights their dedication and competence and emphasizes the vital role that innovation and technology play in advancing agricultural practices. Helimor Aviation Team's remarkable achievement in this category is a testament to the University's commitment to nurturing talents that contribute to developing crucial sectors such as agriculture.

Promoting UAV Usage in Agriculture

The team members are committed to advancing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology in agriculture, aiming to minimize pesticide usage. Through their innovative project, they seek to enhance UAV technology to prevent, control, or reduce the impact of harmful organisms in agriculture.

Their efforts align with the broader mission of promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. By harnessing UAV technology, they intend to contribute to the reduction of chemical pesticide usage, thereby safeguarding both crops and the environment. This initiative underscores their dedication to addressing contemporary agricultural challenges through cutting-edge technology.

Kinetekor Atlas Team Secures Finalist Position in Educational Technologies Category

Kinetekor Atlas Team, competing in the field of Educational Technologies, has achieved the distinction of reaching the finals, landing an impressive ninth place out of 317 competing teams. Remarkably, this team, which 5th-year student Intern Dr. Mustafa Başdaş founded, represents the first entrants from the Medical Faculty to participate in TEKNOFEST.

Their presence and success in this category demonstrate the dynamic blend of innovation and education. Kinetekor Atlas Team's pioneering spirit underscores the importance of harnessing technology to transform and enhance educational practices. Their remarkable achievement is a testament to the University's commitment to nurturing innovative minds in diverse fields.

Developing Solutions for Medical Education Technologies

Under the academic guidance of Prof. Dr. Süleyman Sırrı Bilge, Chair of the Department of Medical Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine, a project aimed at developing solutions for medical education technologies is underway.

The project is geared towards transforming pharmacology education in medicine into a more enduring and practical format. Through Kinetekor Atlas, virtual and physical environments are being created to establish a connection between the molecular effects of drugs and daily medication regimens. Integrating artificial intelligence technologies, the project envisions the creation of an educational ecosystem in the fields of Pharmacology and Biology.

With the project, medical students will gain insights into the mechanisms of drug action through cellular and gamified pharmacology atlases. Additionally, students will work towards transforming their theoretical drug knowledge into practical clinical skills, including prescription-writing proficiency, by developing the 'Rational Drug Calculation Module' and a 'Physical e-OSCE' examination system designed for Medical Faculties.

As Ondokuz Mayıs University, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to our teams and students who achieved distinctions at TEKNOFEST Ankara, and we wish them continued success in their endeavors.

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