OMÜ Received 7 Awards, including the WIPO Prestige Award, in ISIF'22
04 September 2022, Sunday - 14:05
Updated: 05 September 2022, Monday - 16:16
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The Istanbul International Inventions Fair (ISIF), which has maintained its success as the international invention fair with the highest number of visitors since 2016, is organized within the scope of TEKNOFEST 2022, the world's biggest space, aviation, and technology fair, hosted by Samsun this year.

ISIF'22', organized with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TÜRK PATENT), International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), European Patent Office (EPO), and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, brought together inventors, researchers and innovative entrepreneurs from different countries.

Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) won a total of seven awards; 1 WPO prestige award, one gold, two silver, and three bronze medals In ISIF'22.

OMU Faculty of Medicine Member Dr. Volkan Yeter received the WPO Prestige Award for his invention named 'Intraocular Secondary Lens that Can Be Applied on the Intraocular Lens in Pseudophakic Eyes and Application Methods.

OMU Faculty of Engineering Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özgür Demircan and Mechanical Engineering Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mevlüt Gürbüz won the gold medal award for their invention of 'Nanomaterial Doped Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Material and Its Production Method.'

Yeşilyurt Demir Çelik Vocational School Instructors Yusuf Yakut, Harun Çolak, and Onur Baş won the silver medal for their invention of the "Queen Bee Production Apparatus for Honey Bee Colonies." The second silver medal was won by OMU Engineering Faculty Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department Member Sinem Çevik and Yeşilyurt Demir Çelik Vocational School Instructor Arife Kübra Yontar for their invention of "Photocatalytic Polymer Composite Material Containing Plant Extracts and a Method for Its Preparation."

OMU Mechanical Engineering Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mevlüt Gürbüz, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Research Assistant Dr. Tuğba Mutuk, Engineering Faculty students Caner Uludoğan, Kutaycan Ağanoğlu, and Öznur Akyol won the first bronze medal with their invention called "Functional Grade Multi-Phase New Generation Hybrid Ballistic Armor." OMU Faculty of Engineering Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Naci Kurgan and Engineering Faculty Student Ahmet Aydın won the second bronze medal with their invention of 'Fish Filleting Machine and Method.' OMÜ Yeşilyurt Demir Çelik Vocational School Academic Member Prof. Dr. Yavuz Köysal, Lecturer Hakan Bülbül, and Lecturer Dr. Ali Ekber Özdemir won the third bronze medal with their invention called 'A System for the Storage of Electric Charges Created by Using Wind Energy and the Generation of Electrical Energy with this System.'

The primary goal of ISIF is to promote the inventions created as a result of great efforts, to bring the public, producers, and investors together, and to raise awareness in these areas. ISIF will continue to be the information-sharing center of the ecosystem in the coming years, with national and international workshops to be held in addition to the fair event.

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