OMU-Center for the Study of Women and Society at the Academy Meetings in Cooperation with the Ministry of Family and Social Services and the UN Women
26 July 2022, Tuesday - 12:31
Updated: 26 July 2022, Tuesday - 12:31
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OMU Center for the Study of Women and Society participated in the "Academy Meetings I: Women" program held in Ankara in collaboration with the Ministry of Family and Social Services and the UN Women.

The program, which aims to strengthen the initiatives under the Ministry of Family and Social Policies’ purview and to foster collaboration and consultation with academics who are authorities in their fields, was attended by the Minister of Family and Social Policies Derya Yanık, many academics from various universities, and the Head of OMU Center for the Study of Women and Society.

Derya Yanık, Minister of Family and Social Policies, stated at the program’s opening that they will meet with lecturers, academics, and scientists working in the field of the Ministry through a series of events called Academy Meetings. The program's goal is to "Ensure the Effective Participation of Civil Society in Policy Development Processes," and the first event was held with the theme of "women."

Derya Yanık: “The progress of our nation will benefit greatly from having more women in positions of decision-making”

Minister Derya Yanık stated that they want to continue working with universities on this project and added, "More women participating in decision-making positions in all areas of life, from politics to business, from bureaucracy to academia, from family to civil society, will have a significant positive impact on the development of our nation. As part of our efforts to stop violence, we want to strengthen the relationship we have built with the institutional frameworks of our universities.

Prof. Dr. Hatice Kumcağız, the Head of OMU Center for the Study of Women and Society, also provided information on the current projects, activities, and future goals of OKTAM at the Academy Meetings.

Prof. Dr. Kumcağız “In national and international academic activities, OKTAM takes the lead”

In her presentation, Prof. Dr. Kumcağız said; “In this context, we worked with the Samsun Governorship, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, district municipalities, non-governmental organizations, Yalova, Sinop, and Giresun Universities, and the Women's Studies Application and Research Center at Karadeniz Technical University to carry out academic activities, such as national and international studies, projects, and symposiums. Since the beginning of its operations on March 8, 2010, our Center has played a leading role in national panels and seminars for college students and the general public to increase knowledge of violence against women, dating violence, and KADES as well as foreign studies.“

Numerous significant activities and projects

The Head of OKTAM, Kumcagiz, provided the following information about the recent and ongoing studies: "We are still working on projects related to issues like a woman-friendly campus, a tool to determine students' views toward violence, and the media's coverage of women. Additionally, a national symposium with the theme "Solution Proposals in the Cycle of Violence" will also be held at our university on November 14–15, 2022. The website and Instagram feed for our Center provide details on our efforts. Moreover, our center also publishes a journal named the Journal of Women and Family Studies. Marriage and Family Counseling Non-Thesis Master's Program and Women and Family Studies Master's Program with Thesis are both concurrent programs affiliated with our university's School of Graduate Studies. These programs provide elective courses on issues like gender equality, domestic abuse, and family crisis. A PhD program for the Department of Women and Family Studies has just been created by our team. Our file was approved by the university's senate and delivered to the Council of Higher Education. We started the OKTAM Women's Choir, which is made up of female academic and administrative employees, around four years ago. We performed three concerts in Samsun as the OKTAM Women's Choir before meeting the public at Amasya University in collaboration with the Women and Family Studies Application and Research Center.

“The number of people attending OKTAM is rising every day”

Kumcağız said; “Women are supporters of women” is the motto we want to use and spread. Academicians from both genders are joining our center day by day to work in a variety of fields. The focus group meetings' findings, which will be discussed in two sessions today, will, in my opinion, increase the cooperation between the centers and serve as a direction for our work.”

You can access the details of the speech of Derya Yanık, Minister of Family and Social Services, in the program through this link: .


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