Members of Ugandan Delegation from Various Business Sectors Visit OMU
12 July 2023, Wednesday - 16:25
Updated: 17 July 2023, Monday - 12:26
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Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) remains committed to fostering academic and sectoral cooperation with the East African country of Uganda, in line with its internationalization perspective. As part of these ongoing initiatives, a delegation of Ugandan professionals representing diverse business lines recently visited OMU's Kurupelit Campus to gain firsthand insights into the university's academic units and facilities. For this purpose, Ugandan group members working in different business lines got to know OMU more closely by personally observing various academic units on the Kurupelit Campus.

The Ugandan delegation, comprised of esteemed individuals from various sectors, accepted OMU's invitation to Samsun with great enthusiasm. The group included Jennifer Kaggwa Busulwa, Human Resources Manager, and Monicah Elizabeth Seruma, Branch Manager of the Uganda National Highways Authority. Also in attendance were Vincent Seruma, former Head of Public and Corporate Affairs at the Uganda Revenue Authority and member of the National Rewards and Sanctions Committee; Peter Richard Semakula, Director at St. Lawrence University; Dr. Walakira Steveni, a doctor at Nakasero Hospital; Tilda Nabanja, an official at the Central Bank of Uganda, as well as business professionals David Lugya Sserunkuuma and Nabiwafu Brenda Sarah.

The visit program commenced at the Faculty of Medicine Hospital, where the Ugandan delegation had the opportunity to meet with Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Davut Güven in his office. During the meeting, discussions revolved around potential collaborations in the field of healthcare and the steps that could be taken to provide treatment for Ugandan patients at OMU.

The main theme is health tourism

Furthermore, the delegation members met with Deputy Chief Physician Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Sina Coşkun, in the presence of OMU Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal. The meeting, which focused on international health tourism, provided an opportunity for Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal to outline OMU's vision and projects for the African continent in general, with particular emphasis on Uganda, encompassing areas such as health, education, and bilateral cooperation.

Short and medium-term roadmaps will be prepared

Rector Ünal stressed the mutual benefits of bilateral cooperation and delineated the delegation's further itinerary within OMU and Samsun. Instructor Tolga Arslan was assigned to assist the delegation in coordinating these visits. Subsequently, it was decided that a follow-up meeting would occur after the delegation's visits at OMU and Samsun, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of the general situation and the formulation of short- and medium-term roadmaps.

Other points of the visit are the Faculty of Dentistry Hospital, Samsun Technopark, Faculty of Engineering, and KITAM

The delegation's itinerary also included visits to the Faculty of Dentistry Hospital, Samsun Technopark, Faculty of Engineering, and the Black Sea Advanced Technology Research and Application Center (KİTAM). During the visit to the Faculty of Dentistry Hospital, the delegation members had the opportunity to observe the clinics, classrooms, and laboratories, gaining valuable insights into the institution's dental programs.

At Samsun Technopark, the delegation received in-depth information about this crucial technology and innovation hub from Sinan Tosun, Deputy General Manager of Technopark. The delegation's visit to the Faculty of Engineering involved a productive meeting with Associate Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çetin Kurnaz, followed by a tour of the department's laboratories, led by research assistants Seçil Genç, Burcu Keskin, and Barış Çavuş from the Electrical and Electronics Department. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Yüksel Ardalı provided detailed explanations during the delegation's visit to the Department of Environmental Engineering laboratories.

Lastly, the Ugandan guests explored the facilities of the Black Sea Advanced Technology Research and Application Center (KİTAM). Accompanied by lab directors Dr. Eda Uğurtay, Lecturer Aysun Karaca Yalçın, and Dr. Filiz Öztürk, the delegation had the opportunity to observe the Electron Microscope Laboratory, AFM Laboratory, Thin Film Coating Laboratory, and Biotechnology Unit.

The visit provided a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and laid the groundwork for potential collaborations between OMU and Uganda. OMU's ongoing efforts to strengthen academic and sectoral ties with Uganda reflect its dedication to global partnerships and cross-cultural engagement, facilitating mutual growth and progress.

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