Digital Transformation Initiative at OMU: Mia Med Health Mobile Application
07 November 2023, Tuesday - 13:02
Updated: 15 November 2023, Wednesday - 13:02
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Faculty of Medicine Hospital Mobile Application: Mia Med Health

Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Faculty of Medicine Hospital, accelerating its digital transformation efforts, has launched the "Mia Med Health Mobile Application" to integrate health information systems with technology.

In response to the rapidly advancing field of health technologies globally, the Faculty of Medicine Hospital has adopted a new vision by making this web-based patient treatment information application available. As a result, citizens can now download the Mia Med Health App on their smartphones via the App Store or Google Play, enabling them to monitor their treatment processes.

The services offered by the application include convenient features such as making face-to-face and online appointments, viewing test results, completing payment transactions quickly, and accessing medication reports. The app, which is expected to save both costs and time, is planned to be updated in the future in line with changing patient needs.

This mobile application, developed as part of the digital hospital initiative, aims to provide more people with access to health services, ensuring effective and efficient service delivery.

In line with its technological infrastructure improvements, the Faculty of Medicine Hospital aims to reach more people with health services by implementing improvements to the ‘Digital Hospital’ targeted software system and bringing mobile applications to life.

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