Being a Male During the Covid-19 Pandemic
07 April 2021, Wednesday - 00:49
Updated: 07 April 2021, Wednesday - 00:49
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An event called "Men's Health and Covid-19 Pandemic" was organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing Department within the scope of the Public Health Nursing Intern Practice Course.

During the event, the students, research assistants and the faculty members Prof. Dr. İlknur Aydın Avcı, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Birsen Altay and Asst. Prof. Figen Çavuşoğlu discussed the articles on the states of Men's Health during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

After that, each student interviewed a man on "Men's Health during the Covid-19 Pandemic". In the interview, men were asked some questions about the challenges they have been facing during the pandemic, how the pandemic has affected their health, what the positive and negative impacts of the pandemic are, how they have been dealing with the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the changes about role allocation within the family, and the changes they have been experiencing in their lives as a man during the pandemic.

During the event, the students made some evaluations related to the interviews they did and became aware of men's experiences during the pandemic. They tried to call attention to these experiences by creating catchy slogans from the interviews.

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