Awareness Workshop at OMU with the Most Patent Applications in Samsun
12 June 2022, Sunday - 11:53
Updated: 12 June 2022, Sunday - 11:53
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Ondokuz Mays University (OMU), which has gained significant traction in Samsun by filing the most patent applications in the last five years, hosted a workshop called “Patent Awareness Workshop”.

The workshop was held at OMU Atatürk Congress and Culture Center in cooperation with OMU Technology Transfer Office (TTO), Samsun Technopark and Turkish Patent and Trademark Institution (TÜRKPATENT).

The workshop aimed to support the activities related to inventions, one of the cornerstones of technological development in the world, to protect the innovations that emerged as a result of the projects and activities carried out within the scope of patents, and to increase patent awareness in Turkey.

OMU was awarded by TÜRKPATENT for its performance

Cemil Başpınar, Vice President of TÜRKPATENT, presented the award to OMU, which filed the most patent applications in Samsun between 2017 and 2021, at the workshop that began with a music concert. Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal also presented the award to Assoc. Prof. Mevlüt Gürbüz from the Faculty of Engineering, who has the most patent applications and registrations.

Patented invention of the Engineering Faculty licensed by a private company

In the workshop, on the other hand, the decision to license the invention of “ Lightweight Foam Concrete Heat Insulatıon Plate and Block Wall Material with Filling Material Therein”, the patent of which belongs to Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Özbey and graduate student Uğur Karakurt from the Faculty of Engineering, was signed. In comparison to existing items, the product acquired via the innovation is said to have more favorable qualities in terms of cost and insulation.

In addition, , Tekkeköy Ali Emine Kahvecioğlu Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School with the highest number of useful model applications, Adeka Pharmaceutical Company which stands out with the highest number of trademark applications, and Samsun Continuation Institute with the highest number of design applications between 2017 and 2021 in Samsun were granted an award.

Rector Ünal: “The workshop is really valuable in terms of gaining insight into the past and shedding light on the future”

Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal stated during the opening speech of the Patent Awareness Workshop that the workshop is very valuable in terms of gaining insight into the past and shedding light on the future, and that it is extremely meaningful for institutions to develop their visions by sharing experience and collaborating with stakeholders.

“Our divergent visions for our country has generated a unique atmosphere for us”

In his speech, Rector Ünal, who conveyed his meeting with the President of the Turkish Patent Institute Başpınar to the participants, said; “Our divergent visions for our country generated a unique atmosphere for us and it was an opportunity we could not pass up. A person sees what he is looking for. To see the others, he needs a guide. In fact, we do not realize that we are missing the values and happiness in our daily lives. We can delay it while bringing happiness and achievement together to produce more fruitful results.”

“Rather than economic impacts, there are cultural traces in the background of patents”

Pointing out that patents will make a great contribution to the university, Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal continued his speech as follows: “Patent is not something to be developed solely by university researchers, this process should be focused towards high schools and industry." In this perspective, culture should also be characterized as a guiding actor, because there are cultural traces in the background of patents rather than economic impacts. Therefore, creating an ecosystem and developing ideas in the field are essential. Turning the generated idea into a project, putting the project into practice, and capturing the new results from the application with patents are the key processes here. Although product registration and commercialization are essential outcomes, there is a more crucial cultural outcome: self-confidence. It entails shifting from the thought of “I can not do this” to one of “I can do it.” The way to success will open once we overcome this."

“OMU is the most important regional actor”

Reminding that as a university, they have been renewing their mission for the past two years, Rector Unal said, “OMU is the most important actor in the region. It has been a successful institution in terms of education, employment, and services since its establishment in 1975. This position of the university makes us proud, but in order to preserve this position, the university required a mission renewal due to changes in the country and global development. Our current revision studies are based on education revision as well as research and development (R&D).”

“In 2022, the goal is to file 15 patent applications”

Emphasizing that they’ve achieved 80 percent success on a project basis in a very short time, Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal said, “When we look at the last three years, OMU has 3 patents in 2018, 1 in 2019, and 10 in 2021, it earned awards in 8 out of 10 patent applications in the last year. In 2022, our goal is to file 15 patent applications. How much progress can we make? We'll find out at the end of the year, but at the very least, we'll have a solid benchmark to assess our own success and failure.

“By 2023, we want OMU to be a research university”

Focusing on the changes they’ve made in the academic system in the following parts of his speech, Rector Ünal concluded his speech as follows: “The first of these changes was the establishment of the Project Support Office in order to strengthen the project writing and project management culture. We wanted it to benefit the university by giving meaning to the research centers and ensuring the projects' long-term sustainability through the centers. We will see much more concrete results of this in the following years. By 2023, we aim OMU to become a research university. In fact, we are one of five universities in Turkey to achieve the first institutional accreditation. Our university was afterwards included in the Entrepreneurial University Ranking. We have acquired benefits for universities that seek to become research universities in this way. In particular, we have the imagination of a university that creates its own revenue by producing ideas, commercializing them, and commercializing them."

Vice President Başpınar; "In terms of registration and patent applications, TÜRKPATENT is the institution that receives the most in Europe"

Vice President of TÜRKPATENT Cemil Başpınar, on the other hand, emphasized that intellectual property rights are the Institution's primary focus and that TÜRKPATENT is the institution that receives the most in Europe in terms of registration and patent applications. Başpınar stated that Turkey's overall intellectual property awareness level and qualifications of those involved in the subject should be raised.

"In terms of patent applications, Turkey is ranked 14th in the world, 7th in trademark applications, and 4th in design applications"

Emphasizing the Turkey’s strong performance in patent, trademark, and design applications Vice President of TÜRKPATENT Cemil Başpınar said; “From the conception and production of intellectual property rights to their protection, registration, implementation, and commercialization, there are numerous parties, individuals, and organizations involved. According to the latest World Intellectual Property Indicators report, Turkey is ranked 14th in the world, 7th in trademark applications, and 4th in design applications. On the one hand, these figures suggest that Turkey's inventive production structure is evolving, while on the other hand, they show that the country's intellectual portfolio is growing year after year.

“We are one of the most active countries in Europe and the world”

Başpınar also stated that Turkey is one of the most active countries in Europe and the world, with 8,500 domestic patents, 190 thousand trademarks and more than 69 thousand design applications in 2021.

“Final declaration of the workshop will be shared”

Issues discussed and problems identified, and evaluations of solution proposals in the workshop attended by experts and representatives from OMU and other universities, Samsun Provincial Directorate of National Education, Middle Black Sea Development Agency (OKA), Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB) and R&D centers will be prepared and the final declaration will be delivered to the relevant persons, institutions and organizations..

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