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17 October 2023, Tuesday - 23:48
Updated: 18 October 2023, Wednesday - 12:26
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For years, the shameless attacks carried out by Israel against the people of Gaza, who have been living in open-air prison-like conditions, have long exceeded any reasonable defense reflex. In full view of the international community, Israel blatantly violates laws of war, international treaties, and human rights as it ruthlessly bombards mosques, churches, schools, and hospitals. Children, women, the elderly, and the sick are being killed, and fundamental rights like healthcare, electricity, and education are being neglected, leaving people vulnerable to hunger and thirst. These attacks have far surpassed any notion of self-defense. Israel, known for venting its anger on the oppressed, perceives the events in Gaza as a historic opportunity to realize its longstanding dreams and sinister plans. The true reason innocent people are being forced to abandon their homes and homeland is the insatiable imperialist ambitions of those who govern Israel.

As a university, we believe that it is imperative to put an end to the attacks that have the potential to lead humanity to even greater catastrophes. A just and lasting solution entails the establishment of an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. International agreements and the repeated resolutions of the United Nations must be enforced without delay.

Before the world descends into a bloodbath, the injustice must be stopped. The fire that started in the streets of Gaza and blazed in the hearts of Gazans now grows in the hearts of people of conscience and compassion worldwide. Justice must be established before it engulfs the entire world and the bloodshed in Gaza drowns all of humanity. Peace and stability should not be sacrificed to Israel's immeasurable rage and imperialist ambitions that are increasingly transforming into a genocide.

For the sake of human dignity and the peace of the region and the entire world, we call upon the civilized world, under the United Nations' framework, to embrace justice, reason, and compassion.

Ondokuz Mayıs University

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