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26 August 2016 - 15:22
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Ondokuz Mayıs University Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Center (OMU-TURKCE) ended the 2015-2016 Academic Year by organizing four different activities within the scope of the same program.

The certificate program organized in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Education was held with the participation of Samsun Coordinator of Turkey Scholarships of the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Relative Communities of the Prime Ministry Assoc. Prof. İbrahim TURAN, Director of OMU-TURKCE Assoc. Prof. Yakup POYRAZ, Director of Creative Writing Application and Research Center Asst. Prof. İlknur TATAR KIRILMIŞ, Ozan Obalı (Mustafa BİLİR) from Samsun, the academicians, and the students.

Assoc. Prof. Yakup Poyraz made the opening speech of the graduation ceremony, and he stated: “The Ottoman Empire, which we are proud of being the reminder, reigned over three continents, and the people from different nations lived in peace and welfare through the mutual respect, affection and tolerance. In the last century, great walls were put up between sister nations, and even metaphorical borders were placed in our minds, and consequently we have become stranger to each other. While a new world was being shaped and new borders were being determined in the dawn of the new millennium, ancient brothers and sisters learnt to know each other and to become intimate once again. In a situation in which our vicinity was surrounded by a fire circle, Anatolia has become the hope for the aggrieved regions such as Africa, the Middle East, the Central Asia and the Balkans as an island of peace and sustainability. Friendships and brotherhoods have been reestablished in the Anatolia. The Turkish will become one of the most important languages needed most within this region in the near future according to the visions of Turkey for 2023 and 2053. We should effectively seize the opportunity offered to us by this geography. Ondokuz Mayıs University realized this requirement, and it established OMU-TURKCE in order to meet it. I believe that OMU-TURKCE will become one of the most well-known Turkish language teaching centers in Turkey with the number of its students and its institutional infrastructure, and that it will achieve important goals in the near future. OMU-TURKCE is the pride of our University as a brand in its field. All of our students coming from more than fifty different countries, different languages, religions, cultures and geographies have been reborn in the family of OMU-TURKCE, and they have adopted the Turkish like their native languages. We are so lucky that we have brothers and sisters in more than fifty countries. Hereby, I would like to congratulate OMU-TURKCE family and to wish all of our students to become successful in their future lives. May God speed you”.

In the program, which started with the slogan “Have Fun-Learn-Discover” and organized with the cooperation of Ondokuz Mayıs University and Yunus Emre Institute, 19 students from 9 different countries had the opportunity to know the Turkish language and culture in detail. The audience highly appreciated the students reading poems, singing songs and religious songs in the certificate program. The short film prepared by the students participating in the Summer Program and showing the activities that they made received appreciation. In the first part of the program, “Certificates of Participation” were given to 19 students participating in the summer program.

In the second part of the program, “Certificates of Participation in Turkish Language Program” were given to 17 medical students coming from Sudan to Samsun in order to do their summer internship. 21 candidate educators participating in “Certificate Program for Teaching Turkish to Foreigners” organized for the second time by OMU-TURKCE received their certificates after completing the program consisting of 100 hours, 60 hours for theoretical classes and 40 hours for practices. At the end of the program, the folk songs of Ozan Obalı about the Turkish language entertained the audience. Finally, 18 students receiving education of 9 months within the scope of OMU-TURKCE were entitled to take their certificates by completing C1 level Turkish language program.

Click the link below for the introductory video of OMU-TURKCE:

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