The Question “What Should One with an Invention Do?” was Answered at OMU
06 October 2017 - 16:06
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Ondokuz Mayıs University held a programme labeled “Intellectual and Industrial Property Awareness Training” for academicians. Ali Reha Erdemir and Sinan Kaya from Erdem Kaya Patent Consulting Inc. attended the event held at the Atatürk Congress and Culture Center as speakers.

“We have 11 patent applications in 2017”

Delivering the opening speech of the training, which attracted intensive attention from academicians, Vice Rector Prof. Mehmet Kuran said “While we were talking about university-industry cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship as University, we had 1 international, a total of 11 patent applications in 2017 until now. I hope we will have 6-7 more patent applications till the end of the year. I believe some of these may also be international. Our university will accomplish more in this area. Our faculty staff should know how to patent patentable ideas, the way to follow. We have experts to whom our faculty staff may apply for aid in this matter at the Technology Transfer Office. I hope this training sheds light on these matters. The Directive for Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights accepted and adopted by the University Senate has also been published on our university website. As you know, OMU is situated at the city where the torch of independence was first lighted, and we are proud of that. I believe that OMU should present 100 patents to our Republic’s 100th year.”

“The awareness level in industrial property is not sufficient”

Sinan Kaya from Kaya Patent Inc. stated the following in their speech before the training: “We will try to share and transfer our knowledge gained about industrial property rights. One of the obstacles in front of the international competitiveness of our country is that the level of industrial property awareness is not sufficient. We will discuss these together and together we will conduct an interactive training.”

In the scope of the training, the trainers gave throughout the day a wide range of information about the definition and history of intellectual and industrial property; trademark registration criteria and processes; design registration processes; patents, patent criteria, patent specification, patent attorneys, titles with no patents, patent supports, use of patent data, results of taking or not taking patents, patent registration processes, patent abroad, patent cooperation agreement; legal rights and the new industrial property law.

The training which constitutes the answer to the question “What should one with an invention do?”, ended with the sharing of knowledge and especially recommendations in this matter with academicians.

Story: Nehir GÜLER

Photography: Gökhan ÇETİN- Nehir GÜLER

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