Promotion Program of Quality Management System Has Started
Tue, 21/05/2019 - 16:47
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The first session of the program which was organized to introduce the Quality Management System of Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) and to inform about the quality process started in the Conference Hall of the Distance Education Center (UZEM).

The 2-day program was held with the participation of Rector Prof. Sait Bilgiç, Vice Rector and Quality Coordinator Prof. Vedat Ceyhan, Vice Rector Prof. Mehmet Ali Cengiz and Vice Rector Prof. Mehmet Kuran, Secretary General Assoc. Prof. Menderes Kabadayı, general secretary assistants, deans, directors of schools and vocational schools, heads of departments, academicians and administrative staff.

Following the first session where the quality management system was introduced and the "Quality Manual" containing general information about the system was distributed, the program will continue with the meetings organized in the Rectorate and with the introduction of the Pen software program, which is the application area of the quality management system.

”You have to believe in this process for the quality process to be successful“

Rector Prof. Sait Bilgiç made the opening speech of the program and he stated: "We are together with the aim of fulfilling the duties given to us by the law in the best way and to continue our way in a healthier and safer manner. As OMU, we have been working on this process since our first day of office because we believe in the necessity of the quality process".

Rector Sait Bilgiç reminded that the year 2019 was a very special year since it was the 100th anniversary of the War of Independence, he emphasized the success of the activities carried out in this context and stated that this success was a quality indicator.

Rector Sait Bilgiç thanked the participants in the quality process by wishing that the program would be beneficial.

"We designed a quality management system specific to OMU “

Prof. Vedat Ceyhan emphasized that quality studies also contributed to institutionalization and he remarked: "We have designed a quality management system specific to OMU with the support of our Rector and colleagues and we will share it with you today. When we implement the system, we can change the shape and direction of the system according to the determinations we make over time. As a result, quality work is an endless, continuous process. In addition, we continue to work on the quality-related software program".

Vedat Ceyhan stated that they prepared a Quality Manual to demonstrate the quality management system and quality understanding of OMU and he made a detailed presentation on the software programs and the organization scheme of the quality system.

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