President of the Turkish Institution of Economics gives information about the economic impacts of digital transformation

11 December 2019, Wednesday - 10:49

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Prof. Dr. Hasan Kazdağlı, President of the Turkish Institution of Economics made a presentation entitled “Digital Transformation and Its Economic Impacts” in the conference organized by the Economic Studies Club at Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU).

The conference organized in the Conference Hall of OMU Distance Education Center (UZEM) was held with the participation of Prof. Dr. Alper Güzel, Academician in the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Dr. Abreg Sinan Çelem, Academic Advisor of the Economic Studies Club at OMU, Caner Dayı, Head of the Club, and numerous academicians and students. 

Prof. Dr. Hasan Kazdağlı remarked that the digital transformation was a new concept entering in the literature of economics of the world in a recent period, and he stated: “Although the digital transformation is thought to be the working area of transformation engineers, this concept has become a general issue drawing attention of all members of the society. Therefore, the economists cannot be considered to ignore this development”.

“We are progressing in a complex and comprehensive process”

Prof. Dr. Hasan Kazdağlı remarked that the experts expressed different views on the advantages or disadvantages of the digital transformation, and he gave information about the significant transformations in history. He remarked: “the concept of automation emerged in the 1960s. Certain tasks started to be performed by the machines, not by human beings. Now, we experience a new period of transformation with the help of Internet. This is digital transformation. This transformation has begun to influence our lives, ways of working, relations, and even our identities. We are progressing in a complex and comprehensive process.

“Smart sensor has resulted in significant changes”

Prof. Dr. Kazdağlı stated that physical strength has lost its significance in the era of digital transformation, and he emphasized the importance of cognitive strength, skills, and artificial intelligence. Kazdağlı continued: “the addition of smart sensor technology as of 2010 to the digital environment has resulted in a significant change. Smart sensors catch the data and transfer them into various machines and environments. This development has caused an enormous flow of information”.

“Authorities should apply new educational policies appropriate to the era of digital transformation”

Prof. Dr. Kazdağlı remarked: “Certain economists have positive views on the emergence of new working areas by means of digital transformation. In other words, they suggest that the productive impact will be more evident than the destroying impact. It is obvious that some working areas will disappear while new fields are emerging. The society should be ready for this and they should develop new educational policies accordingly. There is no definite view on the positive or negative impacts of this change; however, there is consensus on the huge costs of the change”.

Prof. Dr. Hasan Kazdağlı, President of Turkish Institution of Economics, answered the questions of the participants after his presentation.

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