OMU Strengthens the Nursing Profession Through the Symposium Held at the Campus

11 May 2019 - 17:06


Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) hosted the "3rd Symposium on the Empowerment of the Nursing Profession" and numerous subjects related to nursing education and profession were examined at the symposium.

The symposium was held at OMU as part of the activities of the Nursing Week, which will be celebrated on May 12-18, 2019 and on the 100th anniversary of May 19, 1919, the beginning of the National Struggle. The event was organized with the cooperation of Department of Nursing in the Faculty of Health Sciences, OMU Health Application and Research Center (SUVAM) and Turkish Nurses Association.

The symposium was held at the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Engineering with the participation of Prof. Murat Terzi, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Rector's Advisor Prof. Yüksel Ardalı, Prof. İlknur Aydın Avcı, Head of the Department of Nursing, Prof. Özen Kulakaç, Academician in the Department of Nursing and Chairman of the Organization Committee of Symposium, İlknur Buga, Head of Samsun Branch of Turkish Nurses' Association, academicians from different universities and faculties of health sciences in Turkey, nurses working in public and private hospitals in Samsun, and numerous students.

The audience experienced nostalgic and pleasant moments with the concert themed "Songs that Atatürk loved" conducted by Assoc. Prof. Ferit Bulut, academician in the Department of Music Education in the Faculty of Education. After the concert, Dean Prof. Murat Terzi presented certificates of appreciation and gifts to Assoc Prof. Ferit Bulut and the members of the music team. Moreover, Dean Terzi presented gifts and sapling certificates to OMU-SUVAM nurses and the students receiving awards with their presentations in the congresses held last year.

Prof. Özen Kulakaç, Chairman of the Organization Committee of Symposium firstly shared his views in the event, and he emphasized that nurses played a significant role in the provision of health servises by reminding the subjects discussed at the 2nd Symposium on the Empowerment of Nursing Profession held last year. Prof. Kulakaç indicated that the main theme in the International Council of Nurses (ICN - International Nurses Association) was "Nurses as a Pioneering Voice in Health for Everyone", and he stated that ICN suggested the discussion of numerous subjects in this context.

”We assume a social responsibility through Nurse Memorial Forest and Support Money Box“

Emphasizing that they created opportunities to be with the academicians, clinicians and student nurses outside the hospital, Chairman Kulakaç said: "we established a Nurse Memorial Forest on the 100th anniversary of the War of Independence". We have initiated and maintained a social responsibility project titled "Support Money Box", where our students will work, in order to meet the needs of women and children at Women Guest House who are victims of violence and to bring happiness in their lives.

Consisting of 2 sessions and continued throughout the day. At the first session of the Symposium on the Empowerment of the Nursing Profession consisting of 2 sessions, the participants discussed the issue of "The Management of Change in the Leadership of Health for Everyone". In this regard, the concepts of innovation and creativity were analyzed within the scope of nursing profession, and the conferences of successful academicians in the field were presented.

The second session of the symposium was devoted to the inter-agency sharing of good care practices in nursing while the effective practices in Samsun Training and Research and Medibafra Hospitals were presented by the nurses. At the end of the symposium, sapling certificates and certificates of appreciation were given to academicians and nurses for their participation and contributions.

Apart from the symposium, the audience also enjoyed the "Exhibition of Innovative Health Education Materials" consisting of different materials designed by the students of the Department of Nursing in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

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