OMU Raising Candidate Pilots for the Air Force
Tue, 12/09/2017 - 15:11
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In order to contribute to the Turkish Air Force, designated candidates received their flight training from Ondokuz Mayıs University Aeronautics and Space Technologies Research and Application Center (UZAYTEM). Pilots to form the offensive and defensive air force of our country will serve in the skies of our country following their military training.

To meet the deficit after last year’s “attempt” and strengthen its power, The Air Force Command had taken action. OMU UZAYTEM provided training to 110 qualified pilot candidates required by the Training Command. Candidate pilots will join the Turkish Armed Forces’ Air Force after completing their 4 year military training.

The Director of OMU UZAYTEM, which is achieving a new success each day in the field of aviation, Prof. Dr. Ferşat Kolbakır stated that the most important civil support to our country’s armed forces could be provided by universities. Kolbakır continued “We feel right proud of raising pilots to the air force. We bear witness to the high performance of our youngsters in a 2 months period. We observed that our pilot candidate youngsters with no knowledge and experience about aviation and aviating have gained in a short time period the knowledge and skills to fly in any circumstances. We are proud of our people and youngsters. We have trust in the youngsters who are the warrant of our future.”

After the trainings, the Commander of the 9th Main Jet Base Air Commodore Kemal Tural presented a plaque to the Director of the OMU UZAYTEM, Prof. Dr. Ferşat Kolbakır for their remarkable efforts and successes.


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