OMU’s New Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal Assumes the Mantle

18 August 2020, Tuesday - 14:53

HABER: Çiğdem Ünaldı


Appointed as the Rector of Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) by the decree dated 14 August 2020, Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal took up the position. OMU’s new rector Ünal took over the office from Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç. Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who deemed him worthy of this duty, and thanked the previous rectors who have contributed to the development of the University so far.

“We will Continue to Serve with a Fresh Perspective and Dynamism”

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal thanked the former administration for their great efforts and he stated: "They have made major contributions to our university for four years. We will continue to serve where they left off with a new perspective and dynamism. I would also like to express my gratitude to our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who deemed me worthy of this office."

Rector Ünal, noting that the university will provide benefit to the region and our country by improving the quality, emphasized that OMU will serve in the international arena by developing policies and strategies that will contribute to the competitive performance of our country.

“The University Needs to Fulfil the Expectations of Samsun”

Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal, who also referred to the significance of the University's contribution to the city in which it is located, said: "The University needs to concretize the demands and needs of the city. In order to do this, the university must respond to the city's expectations from the University. The production process of the required information and serving this produced knowledge is extremely important because our country has no time to waste. In the new world order, we must be one of the strongest countries and our university has the power which is necessary to make it real.”

Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal, expressing that he intends to benefit from the support and experience of the former rector Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç, expressed: “We will maintain our relationship within the bonds of brotherhood by taking his opinions regarding his services in the previous years.”

“Increasing OMU's Brand Value Will Be Our Priority”

Pointing out that OMU is one of the well-established universities with strong academic staff, Rector Ünal said, "Every student who graduates from OMU should have the professional competence. For this, the education policy and strategy should be revised, and also every graduate should be integrated into society as a value in demand in the sector. Therefore, our priority will be to enhance and strengthen OMU’s brand value.

Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal, noting that continuity constitutes the basis of public institutions, remarked: “We do not have the manpower to factionalize and loose. All institutions of the government have to take their own mission and make a contribution so as to make it strong.  For this reason, I would like to thank the academic staff who bear the burden of OMU and the administration who enable the academic staff to work. "

Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç conveyed his best wishes to Ünal and shared his work during his service.

“I Owe My Sincere Thanks and Gratitude to All Members of OMU and Our Students”

Underlining that they carried out all the work with the OMU family of 6.500 people, Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç expressed his thanks to all members of OMU, the students and especially the vice rectors, the secretary general and the executive assistant for their great support.

He also thanked to the governor, the mayors, the district governors, mayors and members of judicial and administrative courts, commanders, public employees, officials of non-governmental organizations, valuable members of the press and townspeople. He also gave a big thanks to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and handed over the office to the new rector.

Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç presented flowers to new rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal after his speech.

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