OMU Supports Students with Internet

27 May 2020, Wednesday - 01:28

HABER: Can Topaloğlu


Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) supported its students with 10GB internet to help them follow their lessons which are being carried online because of the Covid-19 precautions.

OMU continues to stand by its students with exemplary works and projects after switching to total distance education because of the coronavirus pandemic threatening the entire world. OMU offered its students a 10GB mobile internet package in order to help them access their online courses and material during the 2019-2020 Academic Year’s Spring Term. OMU’s Department of Health, Culture and Sports identified students who needed financial aid and as part of the Department’s aid works 10GB internet packages have been added to these students’ mobile accounts by the GSM operators.

OMU Rector Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç told that they try to give every support to the students so that they do not fall behind in their education. Rector Bilgiç also explained that they held online meetings before and also held one with students in social media where students’ questions were answered and their requests were discussed and during these discussions it was revealed that students requested assistance in internet access.

Rector Bilgiç continued to explain that they started to work together with GSM operators to find solutions for students who had difficulties to access online lessons due to technical or financial reasons and expressed that they are striving at helping each other during the pandemic so that we can all pass through these difficult times with ease and to this end they value every idea and request coming from the students.

Last Update: 27 May 2020, Wednesday - 01:28

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