Famous Pianist Türev Berki is at OMU
20 April 2016 - 09:10
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Prof. Dr. Osman Türev Berki, famous pianist and musical theoretician from Hacettepe University’s Institute of Fine Arts, was the guest of Ondokuz Mayıs Samsun State Conservatory of Ondokuz Mayıs University.


Analysis Workshop is an interactive structure

Prof. Berki met with academicians and students in the workshop organized under the name of “Analysis Workshop” which is organized for the third time. Berki, defining the Analysis Workshop as an interactive study project, stated that he targeted to increase the number of these studies to 60. “In the analysis workshops organized at different universities, a section of a selected piece is chosen and analyzed. It is strived to find different and interesting inferences. Standard analyses are not carried out; the issues seemingly impossible to be found out in the very first place are detected and studied. In fact, it is tried to demonstrate that music has a serious foundation,” remarked Prof. Berki.


Two Sections, Two Backgrounds

In his workshop organized for the 3rd time, Berki analyzed the famous composer and music educator Ahmet Adnan Saygun who is a member of the Turkish Five under the title of “two sections two backgrounds”. He analyzed two different sections of prelude 7 in Saygun’s album entitled “Aksak tartılar üzerine 12 prelüd - 12 preludes on odd scales”, and he also gave information about odd scales. Berki defined the term “background” as the information and experiences obtained in the past, and he remarked that music should also be analyzed in detail, in other words, until we reach the bottom of it.


The workshop ended with interactive question-answer activity.




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