The Faculty of Science and Letters Graduates 989 Students
11 Haziran 2017

Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Faculty of Science and Letters completed the 2016-2017 Academic Year with 989 graduates.

The ceremony was held in the astroturf of OMU with the participation of Prof. Mehmet Kuran, Deputy Rector, Prof. Mehmet Ali Cengiz, Principal Consultant of the Rector, Assoc. Prof. Menderes Kabadayı, General Secretary, Prof. Hüsnü Demirsoy, Consultant of Rector, deans, academicians, graduates and their families.

“We are well-equipped for the future thanks to our university”

The first speech of the ceremony was made by Özlem Kırımçı, the student ranking first in the Faculty of Science and Letters. In her speech, Kırımlı thanked the university, and she stated: “We will strive to become more successful than our seniors in the service to our country in the light of science and lore which we have received in this university. We are well-equipped for the future thanks to our university”.

“Be open to learning and renewing throughout your life"

Dean Prof. Bekir Batı started his speech by giving information about the Faculty of Science and Letters, and he stated: “Our faculty is one of the few faculties that have been in the university since its foundation. Today, 145 academicians, 4 instructors, 60 research assistants and 55 administrative personnel work for our students. Therefore, we would like to thank all of our friends for their contribution to the education of our students. Dear students, you have spent a lot of efforts during the 4 years and you have finally reached the goal. But remember, scientific knowledge is not fixed. So, you have to be open to learning and renewing throughout your life. As a country, if you want to live honorably in the world, you have to be strong, great and playmaker. And this is done by working hard, producing more and having a bigger economy.”

“OMU is still your home"

Prof. Mehmet Kuran, Deputy Rector, stated: “Dear young people, perhaps you spent the most valuable 4 years of your life here. But now you are a member of OMU. You've got a key to fighting life. This key, which means your education, is important for preparing for life. But in the future, never give up developing yourselves. Remember that the OMU is still your home from now on. You are the owner of this place”.

Students ranking first, second and third in the Faculty received their diplomas after the speeches. Özlem Kırımlı, ranking first in the Faculty, received her diploma from Deputy Rector Prof. Mehmet Kuran; Elif Demir, ranking second, received her diploma from Retired Dean Prof. Fehmi Köksal, and the student ranking third in the Faculty took the diploma from Dean Prof. Bekir Batı. Then the diplomas were given to the graduates by the academicians.

Appreciation plaque to the mother of a visually-impaired student from the dean

Emotional moments also occurred in the ceremony. Dean Prof. Bekir Batı presented an appreciation plaque to Ümran Sönmez, the mother of visually-impaired Nazlı Sönmez, for her self-devotion to the education of her daughter.

The graduation ceremony ended after the graduates threw their caps.

Story: Nehir GÜLER

Photography: Gökhan ÇETİN