The Faculty of Architecture Hosted Experienced Architect Cem Erözü
02 October 2017 - 16:15
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Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Architecture realized the first seminar of the new academic year. The seminar was given by former ITU Faculty of Architecture faculty staff, executive of Erözü Mimarlık, Master Architect Cem Erözü.

The seminar titled “Accommodation and Sports Facilities Design and Application in the Scope of Urban Transformation: Dudullu – İstanbul Example” was held at Faculty of Fine Arts Campus OMU Stage. Chairman of the Chamber of Architects Samsun Branch İshak Memişoğlu, Faculty of Architecture Dean Prof. Derya Oktay, Department of Architecture Head Assoc. Prof. Hakan Sağlam, architects from Samsun and students and academicians of the Faculty of Architecture and other faculties attended the seminar.

In the seminar, Master Architect Erözü talked about the design process of ‘Culture, Accommodation and Sports Facilities’ planned in the Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone, which is completely functionless and dark outside of the working hours, to contribute to the city and region and about the interesting experiences he lived in this process.

“Architecture is not limited to shape and aesthetics”

Drawing the attention in his speech to guidance about raising the quality of life in the industrial zone, the cultural development of workers and user friendly design which puts forth the human and environment, Erözü stated that architecture was not limited to shape and aesthetics only, but the place’s organization should also be truly solved.

“Engineers, interior architects and other professionals should work together under the leadership of the architect”

Erözü clarified with examples that it is essential that the architect, interior architect and other professionals work together under the leadership of the architect from the very beginning in the transition process from idea to application, or else unwanted alterations may occur in the elaborated designs. Underlying the importance for the architect and employer to have a healthy relationship all throughout this process, Erözü stated that the architect should uphold their rights and make no concessions when it comes to arguing for the rightful, and this could only happen with being well learned and equipped.

Master Architect Erözü answered the questions of students and academic staff at the end of the seminar under the presidency of Dean Prof. Derya Oktay. Evaluating the seminar, Prof. Oktay expressed their happiness as this seminar, which supported the project subject given in the scope of the Dissertation conducted in this term in the Architecture Department, underlining the themes such as “environment and human friendly design” and “interdisciplinary studies”, was in parallel with the vision of the Faculty of Architecture.

At the end of the event, Cem Erözü took from the hands of Prof. Derya Oktay their thanks letter presented along with an Ondokuz Mayıs University sapling certificate.

Story and Photography: Nehir GÜLER

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