Faculty of Architecture Graduates Its First Students
02 Haziran 2017

Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Faculty of Architecture gave its first graduates with the graduation ceremony held at the Atatürk Congress and Culture Center.

The ceremony was attended by the Governor of Samsun İbrahim Şahin, Rector Prof. Sait Bilgiç, Faculty of Architecture Dean Prof. Derya Oktay and deans of other faculties, Samsun Chamber of Architects Chairman İshak Memişoğlu, academicians, graduate students and their families.

The ceremony, which started with the Rector Prof. Sait Bilgiç’s opening of the "MİM 402 Bitirme Projeleri" (finishing projects) exhibition, continued with the cinevision show accompanied by the recital given by the students of OMU State Conservatory. The show, consisting of student photos and activities held since the foundation of the Faculty of Architecture, received much recognition from the audience.

The top ranking faculty student Elif Şencan delivered the opening speech of the ceremony. Şencan promised that, at the end of a challenging educational period, she will conduct her job as an architect in the best way possible in parallel with Atatürk’s principles.

"The faculty of architecture was my life’s greatest project"

Prof. Derya Oktay, expressing their proud to have given their first graduates, underlined that she saw the founding of the faculty as the greatest project of her life and continued “The journey we started with only one class brought the faculty to its state now, making us happy through developments experienced every day. Nevertheless, we faced challenges as well besides happy moments. It was a challenging period to create a modern Faculty of Architecture out of a 45 years old building. I wish to thank everyone who put effort and contributed in its realization.”

"We want to feel proud with your success"

Prof. Oktay, naming the very first graduates as founder graduates, said “You are the most important individuals of this faculty. You will be the ambassadors of our faculty when you start your career. Our expectations from you as the first graduates are that you do the best in everything you do in the architecture sector without abandoning the line of business ethics. We want to feel proud with your successes.”

Stating that they gave education taking as example the best of the best with a vision which comes forth in the national and international field despite being a new faculty, Prof. Derya Oktay gave the success of the students in the international field as an example as the result of this. Wishing success to the students who graduated as the result of much effort and creating tangible projects, Dean Prof. Derya Oktay congratulated all students.

"Faculty’s positive contributions to the city can be felt right away"

In his speech, Samsun Chamber of Architects Chairman İshak Memişoğlu underlined that the contributions of the Faculty of Architecture, despite being a new one, has begun to be felt right away. Memişoğlu stated his belief that this contribution will increasingly continue in the future.

Advising the graduates to behave ethically and be fair, Chariman Memişoğlu finished his speech saying “I wish you become architects faithful to nature and the traditional life who establishes connections between past and future. I wish you all the best.”

"Keep in mind that you also represent the university in your professional life"

Stating that the first graduates of the Faculty of Architecture will represent not only themselves but also the university in their professional life, OMU Rector Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç said “Your responsibilities have increased. I believe you gained the equipment to overcome this throughout your educational life.”

"Architecture is an important vocation designing our living space"

Defining architecture as an important vocation which designs our living space, Rector Bilgiç mentioned that the available living spaces in Turkey are inelaborate and far from being aesthetic. Prof. Bilgiç advised students to behave elaborately in this matter throughout their career.

"Design architectural works to be carried to the future"

Suggesting graduates to design architectural works which can be carried to the future, Rector Sait Bilgiç continued “We have trust in all the youngsters we raised. We wish from you to serve your country with the beauties you create. I wish that the young architects graduating today carry on their way in good health and with success.”

"Go beyond the borders of Turkey in your career"

Governor of Samsun İbrahim Şahin also underlined that architecture is a universal profession valid anywhere and wished students not to confine themselves to the borders of Turkey. Governor Şahin said “It is a privilege to graduate from a 42 year old established university, the faculty of architecture of which, despite being only 4 years old, has already been ranked among the top 15 among the faculties of architecture countrywide. My advice to you is to learn more than one language. One of your feet should be abroad.”

After the speeches, Governor İbrahim Şahin presented the certificate of achievement and gift to the top ranking student of the faculty Eli Şencan, Rector Prof. Sait Bilgiç to the 2nd ranking student Ecem Yıldız and Samsun Chamber of Architects Chairman İshak Memişoğlu to the 3rd ranking student Nihan Albayrak.

Furthermore, Department of Architecture Research Assistant Muammer Yaman and senior student Ali Gökaslan, who made the Faculty of Architecture feel proud ranking 3rd in the “International Sustainable Student Design Competition” held in Madrid, Spain, also gave a presentation about their design.

The ceremony ended with all the students throwing their caps while saying the “Architecture Oath”.

Story: Çiğdem ÜNALDI

Photography: Gökhan ÇETİN