!F Istanbul is in Samsun
24 Şubat 2017

16. !f İstanbul Independent Film Festival-Samsun Simultaneous Film Screening Events will be organized at OMU-UZEM Congress Centre with the partnership of OMÜ International Relations Department, Youth and EVS Coordinatorship, and TOG İğne Deliği Youth Center; and with the collaboration of OMÜ UZEM on 24 –26 February 2017.

A premiere and cocktail will be given on 24 February, Friday at 17:00 where Faculty of Education Department of Fine Arts Education students will give a music recital.

The collection named “Sinerji”, in which photographs of leading masters from the history of Turkish photography art, academicians, and young talents will be displayed, can be visited during the three day long event.

Only for the Samsun Audience; Tickets are Priced in Children’s Books!

Watching movies in the !f² event is free in Samsun! On one condition: You’ll have to donate kindergarten, primary, or secondary school level storybooks. Donated books will be gifted to schools.


24 February 2017, Friday

17:00: Reception and Photograph Exhibition Opening
19:00: Screening of “Tanna”: A magical and moving real-life account of what happens when love stirs trouble in paradise. Tanna is one of those unexpected hits. It's the first film shot on the Pacific island of Vanuatu, and has been shortlisted for an Oscar nomination. The script emerged over months of improvisation and living with the local community. The tribal chief, medicine man and warriors all play themselves. The story is based on actual events in the 80s.

25 February 2017 / Saturday (Two Movie Screenings)

13:00: “Giant”: A contemporary take on David Lynch's cult classic The Elephant Man, Giant is simply one of the most unforgettable and surreal tales of the year.
16:00: “Window Horses”: An unexpected journey taken by the candid young Canadian poet Rosie Ming through Iran, land of poetry – with the accompaniment of some exquisite drawings.

26 February 2017 / Sunday (Two Movie Screenings)

13:00: “India in a Day”*: India in a Day is a crowdsourced, feature-length documentary produced by Scott Free Productions and Google. The footage featured in the film was submitted by members of the public in India in a single day on 10 October 2015. The film consists of a series of clips selected from over 16,000 videos received over a single day which were then edited together by Beverley Mills.
16:00: “Big World”*: Director Erdem once again introduces us to beautiful human creatures not fit for this big, cruel world, and lets us imagine another one dominated by the sounds, visions and spirits of the forest. He subtly reminds us of the magic behind that primal longing that we feel every day.

Place: OMÜ Distance Education Centre (UZEM) / Ondokuz Mayıs University Kurupelit Campus /Atakum

* Q&A sessions with directors following the screenings will also be webcast live on !f Istanbul’s website. Thus, you will be able to watch and take part in the discussions.

What is !f²?

!f ² is a ground – breaking alternative film distribution and sharing project which was the first of its kind in the world. Each year, !f ² takes 5 festival films, selected from the !f Istanbul line-up to numerous cities in Turkey and the greater region that have limited access to alternative films. !f ² partner Mediatriple provides the technical substructure that allows for high quality public viewing in these locations. This year, more than 30 partners from around Turkey as well as in Nicosia and Gyumri will screen five festival films simultaneously as Istanbul in their respective cities on the last three days of !f Istanbul.

Who are !f² partners?

The !f ² program is created by the !f staff;  !f ² partners –ranging from art initiatives, universities, NGOs and cultural organizations to dedicated individuals - undertake organizing the screenings in their location. This volunteer-based collaboration grows each year.

Screenings and Discussions

Mediatriple works in collaboration with !f ² to allow !f ² partners access to five festival films. !f ² partners then screen these films in digital format with high video and audio quality. Q&A sessions with directors following the screenings are also webcast live on !f Istanbul’s website. Audiences in different cities are thus able to watch and take part in the discussions.