Prof. Dr. Canan Kazak Elected as the Chairperson of the National Crystallography Association
22 Aralık 2023, Cuma - 15:09
Güncelleme: 19 Şubat 2024, Pazartesi - 15:09
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Prof. Dr. Canan Kazak, a faculty member of the Physics Department at the Faculty of Science, Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ), has been elected as the Chairperson of the National Crystallography Association. The election took place during the association's 9th general assembly meeting.

"Crystallography is the science that illuminates the structure of matter"

After being elected, Prof. Dr. Kazak thanked the members and shared insights about the Association and its future endeavors. She emphasized the importance of crystallography, stating, “Crystallography is a science that illuminates the structure of matter by examining the internal structure of materials arranged in a three-dimensional, regular pattern at the atomic level. It is a key field in physics and plays a significant role in chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, medicine, pharmacy, and various engineering disciplines. As a scientific field, crystallography has garnered more Nobel Prizes than any other, a total of 28 more than all other scientific areas combined.”

"Deals with a wide range of materials"

Prof. Dr. Kazak further elaborated, “Crystallography deals with a wide range of materials including minerals, metals, food substances, pharmaceuticals, fibers, plastics, and from organic and inorganic molecules to ceramics. Today, crystallographers also study a diverse array of other materials such as amorphous thin films, membranes, liquid crystals, fibers, glasses, liquids, gases, and quasicrystals.”

“Our primary goal is to support the research and education of students,”

Prof. Kazak mentioned that the Association, established at Hacettepe University, has nearly 100 active members and is an active member of the European Crystallography Association (ECA). “Our association represents Turkey in international meetings, congresses, and events. Supporting the research and education of undergraduate, master's, and doctoral students in the field of crystallography is our priority. One of our key objectives is to contribute to understanding, developing, and disseminating crystallography in Türkiye and lead interdisciplinary research and studies through scientific activities.”

"5th National Crystallography Meeting will be held at OMU"

Prof. Dr. Kazak concluded by announcing that the 5th National Crystallography Meeting will be held at OMU. “The meeting, set for May 17-19, 2024, will feature respected researchers from abroad and our country, sharing their knowledge through oral presentations and various activities.”

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