Cochlear Implant Meeting at OMU Marks the Centennial of the Republic
28 Ekim 2023, Cumartesi - 13:48
Güncelleme: 15 Kasım 2023, Çarşamba - 13:56
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At Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU), a symposium titled "Cochlear Implant Meeting in Samsun on the 100th Year of the Republic" was organized in honor of the Republic's centennial. The event took place at the Atatürk Congress and Culture Center.

The symposium was attended by notable figures including the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Murat Terzi, Prof. Dr. Sinan Atmaca from the Faculty of Medicine's Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Symposium Chairman Lecturer Dr. Ömer Küçüköner, along with academics, students, cochlear implant users, and their parents.

Organized by the Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Audiology of the Faculty of Medicine, the symposium aimed to bring together ENT specialists, audiologists, speech and language therapists, special education teachers, cochlear implant users, and their parents.

The symposium commenced with opening speeches and featured sessions on cochlear implant diagnosis and surgery, technical information about implant use, and auditory rehabilitation activities, specifically targeting cochlear implant users and their parents.

During the symposium, with the support of the Association for Children with Bionic Ears, Talking Hands Student Community and Hearing and Balance Community, painting, face painting and book reading activities were carried out for the child participants. Additionally, Cochlear Corporation, Dorumed Hearing Aids, and Era Hearing Center, as sponsors, set up booths to provide attendees with information about the latest technological devices in this field.

Vice Rector Terzi: "Developments in Cochlear Implant Field to be Evaluated by Experts"

Speaking at the opening of the program, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Terzi emphasized the enthusiastic celebration of the Turkish Republic's centennial both in Türkiye and around the world. He highlighted Ondokuz Mayıs University's commitment to commemorating this milestone through both cultural and scientific events. "Our university is not only hosting exhibitions, concerts, and various activities but also takes great pleasure in academically engaging with cochlear implant users. I extend my gratitude to all participants," he stated. Prof. Dr. Terzi elaborated on the significance of the symposium, noting its role in discussing advancements in the cochlear implant field with leading experts, and evaluating new technological developments. "Our aim is to excel in utilizing technology in various fields like cochlear implants. It's crucial to have early diagnosis and determination of early-stage treatments in the medical process. We apply multidisciplinary treatment methods, followed by rehabilitation stages. The ultimate goal is to prepare individuals for life at their best at every stage. As part of the Republic's centennial, our University aims to conduct more scientific activities in the future," he expressed.

Prof. Dr. Sinan Atmaca: "We are Extremely Pleased to See Our Patients Among Us and Communicate with Them"

Prof. Dr. Sinan Atmaca, a faculty member of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at the Faculty of Medicine, expressed his delight at the gathering. "We are extremely happy to be part of such a meaningful meeting in Samsun, where the flame of independence was ignited, on the 100th year of the Republic. Known as the bionic ear, cochlear implants are surgically implanted devices used in individuals with severe hearing loss in both ears who do not benefit from regular hearing aids. The journey of cochlear implants in the Black Sea Region began at OMU in 2006. Over time, our department has grown academically stronger, especially with the establishment of Audiology and Speech Therapy units within the hospital. Thanks to our strengthened team, we have become a renowned treatment center in the region. Treating children born with severe hearing loss brings immense joy to their families. Today, we are extremely pleased to see our patients among us and to communicate with them. I hope that such meetings will continue periodically in Samsun in the coming years and spread to other cities," he stated.

Discussions on Developments in the Cochlear Implant Field Under Various Topics

The symposium featured discussions on a range of topics related to cochlear implants. Dr. Esra Kavaz Uştu spoke about 'ENT Approach in Cochlear Implants'; Dr. Özlem Yaşar discussed 'Family Participation in the Cochlear Implant Process'; Lecturers Dr. Ömer Küçüköner and Dr. Asuman Küçüköner covered 'Diagnosis and Programming Process in Cochlear Implants'; Lecturer Ramazan Bayram Karakaya and Specialist Audiologist Kağan Demir addressed 'Auditory Training and Rehabilitation'; Lecturer Sinan Tarkan Aslan talked about 'Supportive Educational Services in Schools'; Specialist Audiologist Ömer Aytaç elaborated on 'Technical Features and Technological Advances in Cochlear Implants'; Oğuzhan Ceran spoke about 'ÇÖZDER and Disability Rights Emerging from ÇÖZDER'; Hatice Çankır and Ahmet Yılmaz shared their experiences in 'What Cochlear Implants Have Added to My Life'; and Audiologist Şebnem Kayhan focused on 'Play Activities in Auditory Rehabilitation'.

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