OMU Students Take 2nd Place At The İnternational Social Entrepreneurship Competition
27 Nisan 2021, Salı - 21:15
Güncelleme: 27 Nisan 2021, Salı - 21:16
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The team of OMU students (MD Safayat Hossain; M.Sc in Environmental Engineering (Bangladesh), Nabeela Maqbool; M.Sc in Soil Science (emiSS), Sümeyye Koç; Ph.D. Candidate at Department of  Neuroscience and Merve Aşık; M.Sc in Biology) and the Volunteer from France (Marion Cohadon; funded by French Civil Service Agency), won the 2nd place at the international social entrepreneurship competition on 22-23rd of April 2021, organized by Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences, mentored by Prof. Dr. Kursat Demiryurek and Hiroko Kawamorita.

The team came up with the innovative idea to develop an organic waste management system by producing the Fertile Bin which can be used to compost the waste within a shorter time compared to other competitors in the market.

The main aim of this social business idea is to change people’s habits in terms of recycling and to create social awareness such as to; produce the fertili benefits; profiting Institutions (School, College, University, Startup Companies, etc) financially as institutional benefits; reducing the size of the waste, encouraging zero waste type of behavior for developing zero waste management model.

The team will continue with the project idea generation under the mentorship and create the action plan for the next step.

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