We Remember the Khojaly Genocide with Deep Grief
06 Mart 2018, Salı - 14:19
Güncelleme: 06 Mart 2018, Salı - 14:19
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613 people including women and children were brutally killed on February 26, 1992 in Khojaly town of Azerbaijan during the hours when humanity and conscience ceased to exist. We remember with deep grief the 26th anniversary of the Khojaly Genocide, one of the most brutal acts of the human history.

The double standard applied by the whole world and the international society turning a blind eye to this event which has the characteristics of genocide according to the international laws and contracts does not coincide with the principles of human rights and the neutrality of the justice. In this sense, we reiterate our call for the enforcement of international law and the conscience.

With these feelings and thoughts, I fiercely condemn the ones responsible of Khojaly Genocide, and I wish the mercy of Allah the Almighty for all our brothers who were martyred in this deplorable event.


Prof. Dr. Sait BİLGİÇ

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