OMU Ladik Campus Greens Up with New Tree Planting Initiative
04 Nisan 2024, Perşembe - 13:14
Güncelleme: 18 Nisan 2024, Perşembe - 13:14
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Planted Trees Will Grow This Time at Ladik Vocational School

As part of "World Forestry Week," Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Ladik Vocational School (VS) held a "Sapling Planting Ceremony" at its campus. 

A cleaner, more aesthetic, greener and more organized university

In line with OMU’s commitment to a cleaner, more aesthetic, greener, and well-organized university, the university collaborated with the Amasya Forestry Management to plant 1,500 saplings at the Ladik VS campus.

The event featured prominent attendees, including OMU Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal, Amasya Regional Forest Manager Ferdi Özer, the financial supporter of Ladik VS’s construction, Tufanoğlu Trade Limited Company Chairman Yaşar Koca, Faculty of Agriculture Dean Prof. Dr. Muharrem Özcan, Yeşilyurt VS Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Yıldızlı, Havza VS Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ercan Tural, OMU Agricultural Application and Research Center (TUAM) Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Akay, Ladik National Education Director Aykan Sancı, Ladik Irrigation Association President Ümit Çataloğlu, Kavak Forest Management Director Emin Tiryaki, OMU Assistant General Secretary Mustafa Kemal Çayıroğlu, representatives from LAODİKA Women's Cooperative, staff from the Amasya Forestry Management, academics, and students.

Rector Ünal: “We Aim to Have Forest Areas on Every Campus”

During the ceremony, OMU Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal spoke about the importance of having forested areas on university campuses: “Today, we are in Ladik for a wonderful event. The habitats in forests worldwide are increasingly being destroyed. We want to have a certain proportion of forest area on every campus. We desire these areas to be filled with trees and become livable forests. Therefore, we have planned to afforest an area of 50 hectares here. It’s significant for the university’s overall campus structure to be within and surrounded by forests. These areas should serve university students and as relaxation and picnic spots for city residents.”

“Planting Trees Is Not Just an Experience, It's an Awareness Education”

Rector Ünal added, “Our goal is to create an environment within the forest that can be explored and where it is possible to pick fruit as you walk. This event, directed by our President and supported by the General Directorate of Forestry, involves planting trees and ensuring they are professionally maintained and sustained. This process may take two or three years, but we aim to grow trees that will serve us for hundreds of years. The involvement of our students in this event is not just a tree-planting experience but also an education in awareness. I believe that after this experience, our students will have increased respect for nature and become more environmentally sensitive individuals. Education should continue not only in the classroom but also in the campus environment. Campuses should facilitate students in setting up their businesses and interacting with the industry.”

Regional Manager Özer: “We Are Here to Sustain and Promote the Value of Forests”

Amasya Regional Forest Manager Ferdi Özer spoke about the potential disasters if forests were lost: “Around the world and in our country, March 21 is celebrated as World Forestry Day with various activities. We have gathered at OMU Ladik VS to plant saplings today. Unfortunately, rapid population growth and consequent industrialization lead to excessive environmental pollution, diminishing natural beauty and partially destroying it. We organize these events to alert society and individuals to this danger and to explain the value of forests better.”

“Türkiye Ranks First in Europe in Tree Planting”

Highlighting Türkiye's position, Özer continued: “Türkiye holds about 30% forest cover. Our country has declared November 11 as 'National Afforestation Day' to emphasize the importance of tree planting further. The General Directorate of Forestry, with its 185-year history, is regarded as a model worldwide in this field. The successes achieved result from the great efforts of our government, civil organizations, and our people. Unfortunately, the effects of climate change are causing various disasters in our country and worldwide. Like today, we will continue engaging in all kinds of forest-related activities across our nation to protect nature.”

Following the speeches by Rector Ünal and Regional Manager Özer, 1,500 saplings were planted collectively in the designated area.

The event concluded with the taking of commemorative photographs.


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