Bridging Academia and Vocational Skills: OMU Vocational High School's Tech-Savvy Students
24 Mart 2024, Pazar - 12:56
Güncelleme: 31 Mart 2024, Pazar - 12:58
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At Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School (MTAL), students receive both vocational and academic education and benefit from the university's facilities.

OMU MTAL is among the specialized high schools in Türkiye in areas such as cybersecurity, defense electronic systems, and electric vehicles.

Accepting students from across the country, especially from the Black Sea Region, OMU MTAL provides accommodation facilities for students from other cities with its boys' and girls' dormitories.

The high school started its operations this academic year with 120 students in the 9th grade

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kemal Özcan, Head of the Child Care and Youth Services Department at OMU Samsun Vocational School and Director of OMU MTAL, told an AA reporter that the high school was established in partnership between OMU and Samsun National Education Directorate.

Highlighting the increasing importance of vocational high schools in Türkiye and the difficulties in finding qualified labor, Özcan said, "We provide education in areas such as cybersecurity, defense electronic systems, and electric vehicles with the support of our university professors. High school students can use the university's workshops and facilities. Our students will receive both vocational and academic education. Especially in the senior year, an education plan focusing on university-related courses has been made."

Özcan, emphasizing that they contacted leading companies in the city and determined the departments according to the workforce shortage in the sector, continued, "The increasing number of electric vehicles every day and the existence of such a gap makes our electric vehicles department particularly interesting. In the electric vehicles department, our students will receive education to become electric vehicle technicians and maintenance staff, meeting the market's needs. Universities and the Ministry of National Education support these trainings in joint efforts. We will also provide opportunities for our students, such as scholarships and the recognition of certain courses if they continue at OMU after graduating."

Özcan, drawing attention to the fact that universities are now also stepping up in vocational education, said, "OMU MTAL is the only technology high school in the Black Sea Region. Departments with job guarantees, ensuring that our students will not struggle to find employment upon graduation, were chosen."

"I can benefit from many advantages because it is affiliated with the university"

"I can benefit from many advantages because it is affiliated with the university," said Yağız Başkan, a student in the cybersecurity department, explaining that they learn software programming now and will take cybersecurity courses in the future. "I chose this school because it has a cybersecurity department, and I want to study software at the university."

Abdulkadir Şeker, another student, expressed his satisfaction with the school, saying, "I was studying at a science high school, but after hearing about the advantages of this school, I decided to transfer. As we are affiliated with the university, I aim to continue at the university and rise academically. At this school, I am learning my profession while preparing for university. I can benefit from many advantages because it is affiliated with the university."

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