OMU and International Partners Tackle Soil-Borne Nematodes in New Research Endeavor
07 Mart 2024, Perşembe - 00:30
Güncelleme: 20 Mart 2024, Çarşamba - 00:30
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The Horizon Europe Research and Development Project, involving faculty members from the Department of Plant Protection at the Faculty of Agriculture, Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU), and to be conducted in OMU's Nematology Laboratory, has commenced.

The kickoff meeting for the project titled "An Integrated Set of Novel Approaches to Counter The Emergence And Proliferation of Invasive and Virulent Soil-Borne Nematodes," which was decided to be supported under the European Union's 'Farmtofork' calls, took place at Wageningen University (Netherlands). The meeting featured Faculty of Agriculture members Prof. Dr. Sevilhan Mennan and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gökhan Aydınlı.

Led by Wageningen University, the study will investigate various techniques for combating root-knot nematodes, which cause significant losses in agricultural products, and cyst nematodes, major pests of potatoes.

19 Partners from Universities, Agricultural Research Institutes, and Private Organizations

The project includes 19 partners from universities, agricultural research institutes, and private organizations across the Netherlands, Turkey, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, and Kenya. Prof. Dr. Sevilhan Mennan will lead the project's education-related work package, which consists of 7 work packages.

OMU Nematology Laboratory

Analyses conducted at the OMU Nematology Laboratory include genital preparation, esterase, and electrophoresis gel running procedures applied with morphological, biochemical, and molecular methods to assist in nematode diagnosis.

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