OMU Research on Bean Plant Resilience to High Temperatures Gains TÜBİTAK 1002-A Rapid Support Program Recognition
23 Şubat 2024, Cuma - 00:06
Güncelleme: 20 Mart 2024, Çarşamba - 00:06
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Research Assistant Bayram Ali Yerlikaya's Project Accepted into TÜBİTAK 1002-A Rapid Support Program The project titled "Identification of the Phvul.001g051550 Gene and Novel_81 miRNA Associated with Flowering under High Temperature Stress in Bean Plants" by Bayram Ali Yerlikaya, a Research Assistant at the Faculty of Agriculture, Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU), has been deemed worthy of support by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) under the 1002-A code.

Under the mentorship of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Musa Kavas and building upon the results obtained from the TÜBİTAK 1001 project number 219O301 completed in 2023, this project will conduct molecular and physiological analyses on Arabidopsis thaliana plants obtained through genome engineering.

"In the Department of Plant Biotechnology, where the project is being conducted, there is one ongoing TÜBİTAK 1001 project and two TÜBİTAK COST 2519 projects. These projects focus on enhancing tomato plants using CRISPR/Cas9 technology. Additionally, the TÜBİTAK 1002-A project titled 'Cytogenetic Characterization of Flax Genotypes,' led by Dr. Lecturer Gülru YÜCEL, is also being conducted in the same department."

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