OMU Joins Forces with OKA and TTO to Launch Pioneering TURQUALITY Support Program
12 Şubat 2024, Pazartesi - 16:43
Güncelleme: 01 Mart 2024, Cuma - 16:44
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A signing ceremony for the project agreement of the 'TR 83 Region Brand/TURQUALITY Support Program Applied Training', initiated under the leadership of the Ondokuz Mayıs University Technology Transfer Office (OMU-TTO) within the framework of the Middle Black Sea Development Agency's (OKA) "Technical Support Program for the Development of Value-Added Production and Export" and in partnership with TTOs of the TR 83 region, was held.

The agreement for the project, which will involve companies deemed eligible in the short and medium term within the TR 83 Region (Amasya, Çorum, Samsun, Tokat), was signed at the OMU Senate Hall by OMU Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal, OKA Secretary General Mehlika Dicle, and OMU-TTO General Coordinator Dr. İdris Sancaktar.

OKA Secretary-General Dicle: "We aim to increase the competitiveness of our stakeholders"

Before the signing, OKA Secretary-General Mehlika Dicle emphasized the TURQUALITY Training Program's significance in enhancing the region's export potential, stating, "The Middle Black Sea Development Agency is a crucial institution working tirelessly for the development of our region. Through our outcome-focused programs, we provide technical support focusing on enhancing value-added production and exports. Our support programs aim to increase the institutional capacities of our stakeholders in the region, thereby addressing their deficiencies and enhancing their competitiveness. Today's signed 'TR83 Region Applied TURQUALITY Training Program' is a significant step towards increasing the region's export potential. We believe this program will help the regional companies become more competitive internationally and enhance their export capabilities."

Rector Ünal: "We highly value OKA's guiding mission"

Rector Prof. Dr. Yavuz Ünal, emphasizing the importance of education for improving production quality and sustainability, stated, "The TURQUALITY Training Program is a vital perspective that aims to provide employment in all aspects to the stakeholder by aiming for the region's capacity, quality job field, and production. As a university, we emphasize the importance of inter-institutional collaboration and highly value OKA's guiding mission. The TURQUALITY Training Program offers a significant opportunity to improve production quality, ensure sustainability, and train skilled labor. We highly value the activities to be organized within the framework of the protocol and believe these events will contribute significantly to the region's development and increase its labor force potential."

"This training will pave the way for sustainable collaborations and partnerships"

Rector Ünal noted that the TURQUALITY Training Program would address gaps within the university, adding, "OMU-TTO not only provides information and training but also takes on the mission of project planning for companies with capacity and vision and directing these projects to appropriate venues. With 13 employees at TTO, efforts are made to project ideas and secure suitable resources. OKA's joining with our University in line with training and similar opportunities will pave the way for sustainable collaborations and partnerships. The program will expand the University's research and development (R&D) capacity and address consultancy gaps."

OMU-TTO General Coordinator Sancaktar: "We are determined to achieve greater success"

OMU-TTO General Coordinator Dr. İdris Sancaktar emphasized the role and importance of OMU-TTO, stating, "TTO is just one of the university's gateways to the industry. It also signifies that the knowledge and technology developed within the university do not just stay within the academic world; instead, they can benefit the industry, create value, and generate employment. We provide each other with the greatest support and cooperation in our work with OKA, and with this collaboration, we are determined to achieve greater success."

About the TURQUALITY Support Program

The Technical Support Program for the Development of Value-Added Production and Export aims to contribute to the efforts of local actors in the region regarding developmentally significant projects prioritized in policy documents like strategic plans, action plans, or work programs at national, regional, city, or institutional levels, facing some problems in preparation and implementation stages due to a lack of institutional capacity. The technical support program will support institutional capacity-building activities such as providing training, consultancy, and contributing to program and project preparation. The 6-month program is expected to create TURQUALITY awareness in the TR 83 Region.

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