Archaeologists Receive Mountaineering Training for Enhanced Research
30 Ekim 2023, Pazartesi - 21:54
Güncelleme: 15 Kasım 2023, Çarşamba - 21:55
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Archaeologists from Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU), eager to conduct research in previously inaccessible areas, received mountaineering training provided by the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) team.

An 8-member team conducting archaeological excavations at OMU requested mountaineering training from AFAD to enhance their efficiency in the field.

Following the establishment of a protocol between the institutions, a two-person team from AFAD delivered a five-day training course on mountaineering to the archaeologists. The team, which received theoretical training at the Samsun Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate, completed their practical training in areas near their excavation site. On the final day of the training, the team climbed and celebrated the 100th year of the Republic by raising the Turkish flag and displaying a poster of Atatürk.

Dr. Michael Deniz Yılmaz, a Research Assistant at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Archaeology at OMU, stated that the mountaineering training would enable them to identify relics in locations that were previously unreachable during their fieldwork.

“Ensuring Work Safety and Health in Our Operations”

Dr. Michael Deniz Yılmaz, emphasizing the enhanced accessibility to previously unreachable areas in archaeological excavations due to the mountaineering training received in collaboration with AFAD, stated, "We have conducted our work in a way that does not compromise job safety or health, using the necessary professional equipment."

Yılmaz highlighted the benefits of the mountaineering training for both the team and himself, adding, "We can say it has also introduced a new hobby for many of us. Additionally, it has built confidence within our entire research team and contributed positively to our teamwork. There are many places we couldn't reach under normal conditions. I see the benefit of having mountaineering training for safely accessing such areas. We plan to carry out such efforts more intensively in the coming years." He recommended all archaeologists to undertake mountaineering training and thanked everyone who contributed to the work.

Bilgin Şahin, an AFAD search and rescue officer, expressed that the archaeological team, with the training provided, could now safely conduct their work on sloped terrains. He explained, "Whenever they have to work in more challenging conditions, we will be there to assist. They informed us that the locations they'll be working in are sloped and difficult. After procuring the necessary equipment, they will be able to safely conduct their work even without us. Our professors were very pleased with the training. They overcame their fears and saw practically that they could now descend and work in places they previously couldn't."

Aysin Melek Taşdelen, a fourth-year student of the Archaeology Department, also mentioned the usefulness of the training, noting that it would enable them to descend up to 95 meters to reach cultural remains.

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